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About SVF

Hello dear Smurfy friends, it has been a long time coming, but now it is here: the website accompanying your favorite Facebook fan page about Capcom/Beeline’s iOS game Smurf Village!


To have a place where people can easily ask questions, share photos of their village, and make new Smurf Friends. More importantly, united the world one Smurf at a time.


Smurf Village Friends History

After seeing all the different discussions boards with everyone asking duplicate questions everywhere I created SVF Facebook Fan Page to be an easy way to make Smurf friends, ask questions, voice concerns, suggest updates and, as a group, take this game’s enjoyment to the next level. Are you looking for answers to Smurf Village questions? Are you looking for new friends for your village? Ever wonder what the best crops are to plant? Ever thought about entering contests for your village masterpiece? Smurf Village Friends is for you. We have contests and events, have a Smurf name generator, Smurf trivia and videos. We are the best of the best in the Smurf World.

See you around the Village.

– G-Daddy Smurf (Click here to make me a Facebook friend.)

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  1. Aline

    How could anyone not be addicted to SVF ??? I love that new site !!! Great job G-Daddy !!

  2. Great Job! Love this new site!

  3. Ever since this beach update my village want load when and if this will be fixed so many would appreciate it fixed!!!!!! Thanks

    • G-Daddy Smurf

      There have been many issues with this Beach update. Tiffanie spoke with them yesterday about it and their programmers are working to isolate the issue. I’ll post more info in a blog as soon as I have a better idea of when it may be fixed.

  4. Karen

    G-Daddy! You did it! The blog is clean, neat and beautiful, just like the whiskers in your special Smurfy beard! You have the support of ALL your Smurf Village Friends! The blog is very welcoming and informative just as it should be for all the newcomers to our wonderful Smurf Village Game. Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to the future of this blog ’cause I know your mind never stops thinking of improvements and ways to surprise us!!

  5. Elisabeth

    G-Daddy, thanks for all the fun I have since I downloaded Smurf Village.
    Now I can say that it is not only a game but a lifestyle!
    Greets from Lizie aka Elisabeth from The Netherlands.

    • Thanks for the message. Hope to see you in some Events on the Facebook page to win Smurfberries! See you around the village. Thanks for your support!
      G-Daddy Smurf

  6. Mike

    Nice website G-daddy, thank you for the effort is quite smurfy but you should guys also check out and are good websites with great deal of information.

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