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Critters are available throughout different levels or they can be purchased for Smurfberries. They provide different amounts of XP at different time intervals. Which one is best depends on two things: 1) how often you play and 2) which ones you find more aesthetically pleasing. The pictured critters below are the ones you purchase with coins. Both the coin and SB critters are covered in this section but you can see the pictures of the SB ones in the WTB Section.


Cost: 5000 Coins or 50 SB

When you see the bouncing star, the critters are ready to give XP. The coin-snail gives 250 XP once daily. The SB-snail gives 300 daily.


Cost: 10,000 Coins or 75 SB

Coin-caterpillars give 500 XP once daily. SB-caterpillars give 600 XP daily.

TIP: The snail and the caterpillar are the only items that give XP without taking up valuable real estate since they roam your village freely!

Note: You cannot delete snails and caterpillars once you’ve bought them so consider this if they give you the heebie jeebies!!


Cost: 10,000 Coins or 60 SB

The coin-butterfly gives 20 Coins and 60 XP every 2 hours =
240 coins + 720 XP per day (if you collect every 2 hours and never sleep!!)
The SB-butterfly gives 25 coins and 75 XP every 2 hours.


Cost: 20,000 Coins or 60 SB

The coin-squirrel gives 350 XP twice a day = 700 XP per 24 hours. The SB-squirrel gives 400 XP (= 800 XP/day)

Thanks to Cynthia “Cymf” Nguyen for this pic!

Patient Frog

Cost: 15,000 Coins or 55 SB

Both the coin and SB Frog give 200 XP every 6h

Thanks, Elizabeth Ocon, aka Amphibian Smurf, for this pic!!

Squeaky Mouse

Cost: 25,000 Coins or 75 SB

Available at Level 34. It gives 150XP every 4 hours. You can also buy it for 75 smurfberries which gives the same amount of XP at the same rate.

Clever Crab

Cost 50 SB


This Clever Crab is the only critter solely available for smurfberries. He gives you 250XP every 8 hours. 50 smurfberries does seem like a lot of SB for a max of 750 XP/day (if you only sleep less than 8 hours/day!). You can easily make 750 XP/day using your coins on crops/flowers/other critters. The crab seems like more of aesthetic buy for your beach.

As Beeline adds more Critters and SB items we will add them to this chapter.

See you around the village…


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  1. Selene

    I wish I had read this page!! Then I wouldn’t have wasted so many coins on the butterflies. I stupidly bought 6 of them before I even found out how little XPs they give, compared to my favorite caterpillars. I only have time to play once a day so the highest XPs in one shot is the best for me.

  2. David

    I believe there is a 250-critter (including smurfs!) limit, so beware that if you start loading up on caterpillars. I stopped around 100 caterpillars (love the golden corn!) and switched to squirrel logs. Those you can delete if you need the space. So far I have about 40 logs. I am now buying 1 new log each day, more or less.

    With this combo I get about 75000 XP per day, not counting crops. At this rate there is no reason to grow anything but golden corn as far as I can tell.

    • heclas

      Yes, David, the limit is 250 ( Gotta love the Golden Corn! Your best bet for XP though are the magical blueberries/raspberries. Here is an example: one squirrel will give you 350 XP during the day while one plot of magical raspberries will give 500 in the same amount of time (with 2h to spare -> add 2h of magical bb and you’re up to 720!!). Now overnight you can more than replenish your coins with golden corn. Personally, I’ll do the golden corn every 1 or 2 weeks because I more than make up for the lost coins with Miner (with the Golden Pick of course!). Happy Smurfing, David!

  3. Brendon

    Hi. I have a lot of caterpillars. Now I can’t get
    Any more smurf (character limit reached). Mabe there should be a warning. Seeing that you can’t
    Get rid of them. Thanks

    • heclas

      Brendon, that is a good idea. You should let Beeline know.


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