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Extreme Village Smurfover Entry Uploader


How to enter

Method 1 

This method must be done through a browser on a computer.

  • Choose the file
  • Enter Game Center ID or Name
  • Upload

[ngg_uploader id=11]


Method 2

Email entries to

  • Subject must exactly state: Extreme Village Smurfover (they will be filtered by that name)
  • Include GC ID or Name




  1. Kirra Skelton

    Add me 🙂

    • heclas

      Hi, Kirra! Check out our page specifically made for Add Me’s! Happy Smurfing!

    • lizie/elisabeth

      I like to have neighbours who are willing to share a lot of presents, because my smurfs loves presents (and me too 😉
      Greets, Lizie

  2. Janet

    I love this game very addictive I have always love smurfs thanks for the game.