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Farmer Smurf

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Cost: 25 Smurfberries (SB)
Farmer Smurf gives you about a 25% increase in coins and XP from the plots adjacent to him. Click on his house to:

1) See which plots are adjacent (they will light up dark green).
2) Harvest All Crops – ONCE THE CROPS ARE READY to be picked, tap on this button and Farmer will pick them all at once.

Note: This is what is meant by he “helps you harvest faster”. The crops DO NOT grow faster. This button DOES NOT help when crops aren’t ready nor does it help to plant crops. It also will not clear wilted crops.

Plant All Upgrade
Cost: 15 Smurfberries (SB)

For 15 more SB, you can upgrade Farmer Smurf with a “Plant All Crops” function. With both the Plant All and Harvest All buttons, one can farm in seconds. A really great buy for those looking to spend more time on other aspects of the game like decorating or gifting!

Note:When you upgrade Farmer, you’ll see a black weather vane atop his house

TIP: If you’ve put Farmer on the farthest right side of your village you will not be able to see all the highlighted wood/rocks/ plots/pots because their menus will take up the right side of the screen (even if you zoom in all the way). Slide your finger from right to left anywhere on the screen (should be a short slide) and then click on either of their houses. Tada! The menu should move over beyond the right side of your village now allowing you to see all the highlights!!

When you use the “Plant All Crops” function, the coins and XP shown for each crop reflect the sum of XP and coins for all available plots.

You can only put up to 8 plots around Farmer.

Plot set-ups

TIP: You can go into “Move Mode” and cycle either the plots around Farmer or move Farmer around to get the 25% increase from more than just the original 8 plots around him! Here’s an Example from our comic extraordinaire, Shabbs! In Move Mode you will not harvest (pick) the crops.

The “Harvest All Crops” button has been used above -> the magical blueberries have all been picked at the same time! Note the ~25% increase in only the 8 plots adjacent to farmer.

Around 25% increase in XP/Coins with few exceptions.

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  1. Susan

    There was an earlier glitch where you could upgrade Farmer with fewer than 15SB. I was able to upgrade with only 3SB, which was all I had at the time. I read that other people were also able to do it with different numbers of SB under 15. Do you know if that got fixed since the last update?

    • heclas

      Dunno, Susan. Will reply if I hear more. I was wondering too!

  2. Jennifer

    I upgraded farmer Smuft and he is not increasing my crops. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


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