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Fixing My Smurfs

See all entries in Hector’s Ultimate Pics and Tricks for Smurf Village Friends]

Friends, from time to time something will go wrong with your game. This is as certain as the Smurfs are blue! The game will crash, you’ll be reset to Level 1, you’ll lose your neighbors, etc, etc! The majority of the time there is a fix so DON’T PANIC! I will try to guide you through what you should do if your smurfs act irregular. Things to note before we start:

  1. The older your device and/or iOS, the more problems you’ll see with your game due to the amount of information/tasks it takes  for your device to process the game
    • DO NOT update your iOS yet though until you have tried the tips below
  2. Most of the tips below are for iOS devices since you cannot play on Game Center  or sync to iTunes with Android devices. If Tips 1 and 2 do not work for your Android device, I suggest going down to the Last Tip: Contacting Beeline

TIP 1: Close Apps and **Power Cycle**

This is the first step that should ALWAYS be taken if there is something wrong with your game.

  1. Close all your apps using the multitask function. (Click here if you don’t know how)
  2. Power Cycle (see below):

Hold the On/Off button down for a couple seconds until the red slider appears. Slide it over and shut down your device. Power it back on by pressing the same button for a few seconds and reopen Smurfs’.

NOTE: If your game ever resets itself to level one, **STOP PLAYING!!!** If you continue playing you risk losing your village for good. Instead,, and your game should be right where you left it.

TIP 2: Papa’s Recover Village Trick

I often see this tip recommended before power cycling. ALWAYS power cycle first so that you don’t risk losing progress in your game. This tip should be used ONLY to recover a previously normal village and NOT for problems with the social aspects of the game.

Beeline has programmed the game to back itself up daily on your device. However, the daily back-ups aren’t visible without knowing the following trick:

Tap on Papa’s Smurf’s face 16 times. *poof* The “Recover Village” button should appear in the lower right corner!! Let’s tap on the button . . .

You can now select from which date you want to recover and even preview each date.

NOTE 1: You will lose some progress in your game depending on when the last back up was. Therefore, you may want to try the next tip (Deleting the game) if you’re concerned about losing any progress.

NOTE 2: If you delete the game from your device, you also delete the past recovered villages.

NOTE 3: You CAN recover smurfberries you’ve spent on items this way BUT you CANNOT have smurfberries you’ve purchased credited back to your bank account this way (so save your iTunes receipts!).


TIP 3: Deleting and Reinstalling


Usually the previous solutions resolve whatever problem you have with your game. If it doesn’t then you may have to delete the game and download it again.

WARNING: This will erase any backed up villages saved with the Papa Smurf Recovery Trick.

Once you have reinstalled the game, open Game Center and start the game from there. You may still be at Level 1. DON’T PANIC!! Often you have to go through the opening storyboards (you know, where Gargamel has found the village and you have to start a new one, yadda, yadda, yadda) until the above sign appears. Choose your original village (the Online village).


TIP 4: Syncing to iTunes

There are two reasons to sync your device to iTunes:

  1. Recover  your village from the last time you synced; this is an especially important tip for those that do not play with Game Center.
    • Players not using GC should sync their device regularly
  2. Updating your iOS. The game is developed with the latest iOS in mind therefore problems with your game may be due to an old iOS. BEFORE you update your iOS, ALWAYS do the following:

NOTE: If updating your iOS causes issues with your game, power cycle or delete and reinstall the app (only if you’re on GC!)


Tip 5: Neighbor Issues

The “Social Aspects” of the game (i.e. anything dependent on neighbor interaction: visiting neighbors, watering, etc) is MOST dependent on your internet connection

  • Always test your problem on a WiFi network to see if it persists
  • If you are only on 3G, then test your network using your internet browser (e.g. Safari)

Most of the game’s bugs are with the social aspect of the game. Remember to check your internet connection as stated above. If you are sure you have a good internet connection then the problem can lie in either one of the following areas:

  1. Game Center

    • Problems arising with your GC neighbors or your game connecting to GC are usually due to server problems or maintenance being done by GC therefore the solution is usually just waiting until the servers are up and running again
    • You can try Power Cycling or Deleting the game but if this doesn’t fix the problem then it’s likely a server issue or an innate issue within the game (in other words the issue lies with the game’s programming and you’re likely not alone!)
  2. Facebook

    • Problems with Facebook neighbors are rarer than GC since the FB servers rarely go down
    • Make sure your game is logged onto Facebook by going into Menu > Options > Manage Friends. If not then log-in. If you are then you can try logging off and back on (this may help with missing GC neighbors too).
    • You can also try Power Cycling or Deleting and Reinstalling the app (ONLY if you’re on GC).
  3. Smurfs’ Village

    • Finally problems with your neighbors may be due to the game’s program itself. In other words, the game itself has a bug which may be isolated to the device you have or to all devices across the board. You may try the suggestions above but if the problem persists then rather than stress out about it, it may be better to sit back, sip on some smurfberry juice and hope for a bug fix with a future update!

 Final Tip: Contacting Beeline

If none of the above tips help then this is likely a problem that many share (i.e. it’s one of the game’s bugs). You should try to contact Beeline. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Beeline’s Get Satisfaction site ( )
    • It is best to look for your issue first and then make a post if you don’t find what you’re looking for
    • Beeline is most responsive in this forum
  2. Email Beeline ( )
    • You will be asked what game, what device you’re using and what your issue is. If the information does not help you, you will be taken to page where you can email them your problem.


Smurfs and Smurfettes, I hope this helps. If you have any other fix it tips or see an errors above, please don’t hesitate to make a post below. I read them all.

Happy Smurfing!



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  1. Christine

    what is the best way to sync between GC and my local version? after the last os update my GC version is back at level 16 but my local saved version is up at 28. If I lose this my kids will kill me!!!

    • heclas

      Christine, it seems odd that you would lose progress in GC, but regardless try this: open your level 28 game then open GC and sign in to GC without opening the game again through GC, now close GC and reopen SV. If it is your level 28 game then continue playing. Eventually GC should try to make a sync and notice that you have two different villages. Chose the 28 one to overwrite the 16.
      If when you open SV again and it takes you straight to the 16 village then try this: open the 28 village and play it without opening the 16 village for at least 24 hours. Then open the 16 and try the recovery trick. It should have saved the 28 so all you do is the Papa Smurf trick.
      Good luck, Christine!

  2. Buffy

    I contacted Beeline and they were of no real help. I have the iPhone 3GS and my game crashed a couple months ago, after the update with Marco smurf. When I tap on the game it just pauses then returns to my apps home page. I did the last update, however, no change! I was on level 28, playing daily, so this is a problem. It was also money I’ve now lost. Any ideas for me??? Thanks!!! Buffy

    • heclas

      Tell me what you’ve done from the above tips, Buffy

  3. Kate

    Champion… So glad I closedmy iPad2 and restarted to my full village on level 24 …. Thanks again Hector

    • heclas


  4. raquel

    i loss all the level games despite all your tips..i cannot even open the game keeps on crashing

    • heclas

      Don’t know what else to tell you, Raquel, if you’ve tried all of the above. I have nothing else other than contacting Beeline. Sorry. 🙁

  5. Silvie Smurf

    So far i’ve been really lucky to only lose my game once and get it back straight away. Your instructions helped then and i take comfort in your care. If you’re not on Beeline’s payroll, shame on them. They owe you big time. Many thanks.

    • heclas

      I am not on Beeline’s payroll. This is a labor of love, Silvie. I’m not a gamer and haven’t played a game for this long since my nintendo and intellivision days in childhood! Glad the tips have helped you! 🙂

  6. Hans

    Hi, I’m playing on ipod and android. I’m a member on the sv android group on facebook. One of the members (and later myself) also had this problem (on droid). She has contacted beeline a we were advised to use tip2. It works, you’ll go back to the first start of that day.

    • heclas

      Thanks, Hans! I will update the tip to reflect that! 🙂

  7. Kate

    Update on mine reverting to a new village … In order to get scaredy smurfs 400xp I turn the night /day function on of an evening … I actually can’t see using the night option … So when I turn it onto night it reverts back to the NEW village (which I got to level 6) so power down and back on and original village in nit is there … Tinking a minor glitch …k8

    • heclas

      weird yet interesting! 🙂

  8. Halloween Smurf

    Hi! do the latest version has bug issues which will be beneficial to the players?

    • heclas

      There are three that I know of Halloween: 1) Other neighbors without the medallion may have Marco Smurf in them and he gives presents too. What many have done is banish their neighbors down to two so he goes back and forth between each. 2) You can gift multiple times to the same neighbor if you get an error message while watering their flowers. Give a gift -> water their flowers and if any of them give you an error right away click cancel and open up the gifting menu again. It only works if you get the error message immediately when you water. You can go back in to the same village and keep trying. 3) there are items that beeline will have for the next update that are available through a trick. Go to the Smurf Village Friends wall and you’ll see multiple posts on how to do (posted on 10/31).

      • Halloween Smurf

        thanks heclass! how bout bug issues before holloween version? actually im not yet upgrading mine coz i think the new version would be not beneficial to me coz i dont have smurfette.

        • heclas

          A lot of people have said their game ran better after updating. There are a lot though that have had issues with updating to iOS5, myself included but I have a feeling that it’s the same across the board. iOS5 is so bad ass though that I don’t mind the glitches!

  9. Amanda

    My game kept getting stuck yesterday on the beeline screen. I tried restarting the phone multiple times with no luck. Finally I tried deleting it and reinstalling. I got to the screen to restore from game center but it kept telling me that my app needed to be updated. I just downloaded it so obviously that was the newest one. I tried resetting the phone and going in again but now it doesn’t go to the restore screen and I’m stuck at level 1 and have lost everything. How can I restore it from my last sync? Can I restore the game from iTunes or do I have to do an entire phone restore? Thanks for your help!

    • heclas

      Game Center was down yesterday which should explain why you never got the screen where you choose between your current and online village. Try now, Amanda. It seems to be back up for most according the SVF FB wall. Btw, not sure if you meant Tip #2 when you said the “restore screen” but the backed up villages are erased when you delete the app. Good luck, Amanda! 🙂

  10. Nandini

    Hey was wondering if you could help!
    I deleted my app by accident and the game reset itself. When i restarted the app from the game center the game started and asked me to choose a village. It gave me two options my new village and my old village. I tried to preview and select my old village however a message to “update the smurfs application to view this village” keeps reappearing..
    The is no update available in my app store.. What should i do?

    Thank u!!

    • heclas

      Hi, Nandini! I believe that message usually pops up when you use a different iTunes account than the original one. However, you are not the first to have that sign pop up for another reason. If you’ve already tried power cycling then I’m afraid the only other tip I have is to contact Beeline. Sorry. 🙁

  11. Jade

    HI! I updated my app to the latest version so that i could have the day/night feature. However, after i updated it, i still cannot find it. Is it also available for android cos i use android. THANKS 😀

  12. Rose

    I didn’t know where to post this,but can someone tell me how to upgrade the Christmas tree. I am using an I pod touch

  13. Jaime

    Of I delete the game and reinstall it will I loose the smurfberries I bought?

  14. Kathy

    How do you upgrade the Christmas tree Papa Smurf has as a quest? I have a 3G iPhone.
    It’s for Smurf’s Village.

  15. Kathy

    Do you have to have friends for Marco Smurf to work? How do you upgrade Christmas tree?

  16. Lintz

    To update christmas tree, simply tap the lower part of the tree..
    Heclas, thanx ur tips has helped me recover my crashed village..!! :))

  17. Patrick LAI

    Hi Heclas,
    I am using samsung galaxy tap 10.1 android and is at level 30. I have delete another game being installed yeasterday but an hour later, the device suddenly powered off by itself and when I turn it on, my L30 was lost and back to the basic L1. I’ve tried to follow your instruction to pwer off/on again and tapped for 16 times but it still don’t work. Can you help me out ? please.

  18. DiL

    So far this has been the most helpful site for issues, thanks. Im asking as a last ditch effort having just stuffed up one of your steps before having read it here! Im playing on game centre, and have just accidently selected the faulty village instead of the online one after dropping my ipad… I tried papa smurf’s recover, but the issue is too far back to be on the list. Ive lost Marco, Nat, scaredy, alchemist, had to get a new papa’s hut. Grouchy came back with last update, and I had hoped the others would come back too.

  19. SRjD

    I have only updated 1 time started playing right before Thanx (my son 🙂 !) so we have the xmas snow and all ,Ilove the snow & nite to day but I’d love Hecro smurf or Nat Smurfs xtra’s but I am getting concerned about the “bad device time” notice that keeps popping up randomly? It strated after the xmas update,I turned my Droid off then back on(after getting out of game) my hubby who is a glorifed techi looked at phone settings and checked I don’t know what else. All OK?? It just pops up -whenever? I’d also appreciate knowing how to ensure updates are recent,again I have a Driod 3,from Verizon.I have limited on-line/3G capabilities so we havn’t gotten “friends”to share village gifts or water plants. I was thinking I’d let my 14yr old try it after the next update since we are done going visiting relatives for awhile but no update notice for SV on my phone yet. Anyway for us to find/ensure receipt/request them? Thanx bunches! SRjD

  20. smurfette13

    I need help! i have game center and so does my friend she has me as a friend of smurf village and can visit my village and send me gifts but when i go to the map to go to her village she is not there. i tried rebooting my phone and everything what should i do!

  21. scott

    I was wondering, I have village I’m playing with through the android market, if I were to get a new phone, how do I transfer my village to that one?

  22. Esmeralda

    Buenos dias Hector:
    I am having problems deleting and loading the right Facebook account. I have 2 villages loaded under 2 different Facebook accounts to 2 different devices that share the same iTunes account. After the update both villages loaded to one Facebook account. I have tried to delete the Facebook account loaded to the wrong village, but the computer errors before I can get to load the correct Facebook account. I have gone to beeline for help. They said they would pass the problem to their tech. but I have not heard from anyone. Can you help me please.

  23. How do I update my smurf application because it won’t let me see my future village please please help me cause I really want to see their big village and so I can have fun.I’m begging u to please tell me the order to update my smurf application

  24. Josephine

    Hi, can someone pls advise?? I can’t built the raft hut in the new island. What should I do in order to build the raft hut? Can someone pls advise?? Thk u..

  25. bk

    I follow ur tip3, never got d screen u mention, even after going thru upto lev 3, when wil d screen b prompted? Help pls, thks

  26. Hi i really need help my game was playing pretty well then the new update and i can’t get back to my island when i had been there before and everything Will be dead now i have bought heaps of sb i can’t get to my island and papa smurf won’t move on because he want to go to the island and when i try the game turns off and Jokie smurf i can’t get a packet from him he keeps telling me to take a present so i do and it say the same thing please help me sweetie i all ready tried the papa smurf telling trick with no island what do i do sweetie

  27. Trey Johnson

    when I load smurfs I click on my boat and it says traveling for about a minute then it completely exits the game it wont let me load my island at all anymore since the update ! what should I do?

  28. I built the damn on the island to unlock more land. When the damn was finished, it allowed me to move houses exc. The next time I logged onto game. The damn was gone, everything was moved back. But the water that used to divide the island isn’t there. As if the damn was there…. I spent the 9k to build a second one in case this can’t b fixed. Thank you for your time.

  29. Judy

    I was putting rocks in front of the dam, on the island and my dam disappeared. what the heck happened? I now can’t access the west side of the island. please help. I have 8 or 10 houses & crops on the west side. How can I get the dam back?

  30. Eugene Enciso

    Smurfs id no. 130a2d6003b99cf

    I’m on level 17 all of a sudden I lost everything. I have invested money, time and effort to attain the highest level. Please restore my current stage.

    This is unfair for us that have seed money. Also I bought smsrtberries but I did not receive the smartberries.

    I demand you return my money or return what I face invested.

    If action is not taken then legal action will take place.

  31. Duffswifey

    I love the game but i came across a problem..i just opened the island & i put an extra house & a $500 upgrade and i still cant put a garden n to plant my honey dew melon…whats the problem??!!…

  32. Craig

    Message in a bottle won’t open, all i get is a blue square around the bottle, can anyone help, turned phone off left it for two mins then turned back on, this didn’t work,

  33. lucy

    I’ve managed to use papa smurfs recovery but what do i do after i get to the screen with the list of saved games? The only option is to press ‘preview’ but that means i can’t do anything in the village. Help please?!

  34. Fifima

    My os is 5.1.1 version but I can only reach beeline orange loading page and then back to smurf icon, never log in my village for 2 months.
    However, I have often update the game from the app store.
    How should I do if I already the above tips for fix?

  35. Harr

    Had this happen: was on island planted tomatoes and went to main village where I planted crops. Noticed yellow arrow was on at ship which always indicates that I need to go to island. When I got there all my crops of tomatoes had withered. It asked me if I wanted to save crops. I spent one to recover crops and it asked me for another one to save crops, so I spent it also. I don’t know why I had to use any as I had just planted crops. Can you help me with this, thank you.

  36. Anna


    Thank you so much for saving my village (was, and still am – yay – levell 36)!!!!!Thought I remembered the tips when it happened but I didn’t remember the small print so to speak and rereading helped and my Smurfs are still with me. Thank you (I feel it is rather pathetic to have been quite upset! Plus no one to share it with!).

  37. Marina

    “NOTE: If your game ever resets itself to level one, **STOP PLAYING!!!** If you continue playing you risk losing your village for good. Instead,, and your game should be right where you left it.”

    What was there after “Instead,…………” in the second sentence? This NOTE was right before Tip2.

    Thank you.

  38. aleida

    Whay my villa going back to the to the level 2 and I was in level and25 please Whay ?

  39. Bernard Ling

    Thanks for ur online tips. It’s helped me to recovered my game.
    It’s “restart” my game.
    One of ur tips is telling me on tapping pappa figure for 16 times. It’s helped.
    Thanks again. 🙂

  40. Henk

    Hallo Hector, ik heb een probleem de laatste 2 weken. Ik heb een goede internet verbinding, ik kan kadootjes versturen. Bloemen water geven bij mijn vrienden maar ik krijg niets terug. Mijn vrienden sturen me iedere dag maar ik krijg gewoon niets terug. Ik heb eigenlijk van alles al geprobeerd maar het spel reageerde niet. Ik speel met de eerste i-pad van Apple . Hetzelfde probleem geld voor mijn i-phone Apple 3 gb . Wat kan de oorzaak zijn? Na de laatste update gisteren moest er ook een nieuwe smurf komen met een veertje. Die heb ik ook niet gekregen. Rara??????

  41. Cheryl

    Hi, need help! Something went wrong with my iTunes so had to re-install smurfs. I was on level 30 and the game brought me back to level 1. I’m now trying to restore my village through papa smurf’s recovery settings. Problem is that after selecting the saved village I want to restore, nothing happens when I click on preview village. How can I restore now?

  42. Amanda Winchester

    I am having issues with getting a gift from the raft on the island, I also have three rafts but now I can only use one. Then every now and then, when I travel back and forth, when I get to either the island or the mainland, the crops have withered. What’s up with that? Also at what level do you have to be to get Painter Smurf?