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Flowers and Shrubs (Trees)

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Exercise The Other Green Thumb

The game offers other ways to keep your smurfs busy earning you more XP via flowers and trees. The rate at which they earn you XP aren’t better than what the best crops offer, the flowers do not earn you any coins but both have their advantages, aesthetics being the most obvious.

We’ll cover the Flowers first but you can skip down to the Trees by clicking here.


At Level 14, you will be able to put down flower pots and grow flowers very similarly to crops but with a couple of twists.

Note: Nat Smurfling will be covered in the Meet The Smurfs section.

Pots, Plots, and Smurfs Equation

Farm Plots + Flower Pots = Number of Smurfs

The equation only refers to adding plots/pots since you can have more smurfs than plots/pots. If you do not have enough smurfs, you can do one of the following to add a plot/pot:

1. Delete a plot to add a pot (or vice versa)
2. Upgrade a house to add a smurf (500 coins and/or 4 smurfberries)
3. Build a house (you may have to wait to level up)
4. Buy a smurf with smurfberries (5 smurfberries) Not recommended if you can upgrade a house for 1SB less.

The Smurf Flower Cycle

Step 1: Buy and place a flower pot
Step 2: Choose a flower
Step 3: A smurf will be used to water that flower

Note 1: You can only use seeds that are available at your level
Note 2: Gifted seeds will be discussed separately in its own slide so hold your smurfs!!!

Step 4: Once your flower is ready a seed will appear over it. Collect your XP!!
Step 5: Latent period: The leaves are green and your neighbors can’t yet water
Step 6: Countdown begins and lasts as long as it took to grow your flower
***(more on Step 5 and 6 below)***
Step 7: A neighbor must water your flower
Step 8: Click the watering can which summons a smurf
***(more on Steps 7 and 8 in two slides)***
Step 9: A smurf waters your flower (Note: the flowers leaves do not turn green until its bonus is ready)

As long as the flowers don’t die or you don’t remove them, Steps 4 – 9 will continue endlessly.
This also means that if you don’t plant new flowers, you will only ever see green leaves during the 5 minute latent period once you collect your seeds. Sucks, huh?
You have the same amount of time it took to grow your flower to collect your bonus before the flower dies.


There are 5 different types of flowers: Roses, Daisies, Chrysanthemums, Tulips and Lillies.
One can only gift seeds for all Roses, Daisies, and Chrysanthemums.
You can only gift those seeds that you have grown in your own village.
Gifted seeds DO NOT give XP.

Gifted seeds are of benefit to you ONLY if you did not have that seed already. Once you receive them, you can grow that flower ONLY if you are at the level at which that seed is unlocked.

For example, using the pic above, pretend Loreta is at Level 15. If I gift her orange chrysanthemum seeds, she will be able to grow them but not until she gets to level 18 (see next slide for available levels). I cannot gift her the purple chrysanthemum seeds because I haven’t grown it in my own village.

Gifting seeds DO NOT benefit the recipient if:
1. They have Nat Smurfling who unlocks all seeds
2. They have already received that seed before

**TIP: Look through your friend’s village for Nat and also see if they already have grown the flower you want to gift or you can always ask them personally if they have that seed already.

HUGE SPECIAL THANKS TO MY CRACK TEAM that helped me with these slides.

5-Minute Latent Period

Once you collect the bonus from the flower, you will see the sign on the left for 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes, the leaves of the flower will be green and friends will not yet be able to water your flowers. After these 5 minutes, the leaves turn brown and the countdown begins for your friends to water your flowers. The countdown is as long as the flowers’ growth time. If a friend does not water them, the flowers die.

Note: The red circle with the slash in the lower left corner of the flower’s picture. You can press this at any time of the flower’s cycle to remove this flower (not the pot).


I will use names so that this slide is clear. I can water my neighbor, Jeannette’s flowers by tapping on the watering can. This icon will continue to appear if I re-enter her village until she waters her flowers. Once I do water her flowers, she will see a watering can above her flowers (step 8 from the cycle).
Jeannette can click on the watering icon to summon a smurf to start the cycle over.

Note: There is no countdown once the watering icon is over your own flowers. I did not click the icon for over 72 hours and it still did not disappear nor did the flower die!

Thanks, Jeannette, for the pic!

Here are the basic numbers on the flowers. Remember, even if you have received a seed for a higher level flower or you have Nat Smurf, those seeds aren’t unlocked until you are at that level. The gifted seeds will be applied at that level. You only have to receive them once.

If you’re looking to get the most XP out of your flowers then this is the slide for you. There is one big caveat though that we do not see with the crops. The numbers are limited by:

1. The 5-minute latency period (Step 5)
2. The amount of time it takes for your friends to water your crops (Step 7)

TIP: You can always open a second village and control Step 7!! See the Game Center section on how!



At level 20, you will be able to place shrubs that look like trees in your village. If you click on each tree, you will see a menu of fruits that you can grow on each tree. Growing fruits does require a free Smurf. Like the flower pots, you will need a Smurf that is not already assigned to a plot or pot. If when trying to buy a tree it reads “Need Another Smurf”, you will either have to delete a plot or pot or add another Smurf.

If you look at the numbers for what each fruit yields in terms of XP and coins, it is not impressive. I’ve mentioned that aesthetics is one advantage to the trees but here are the others:

  1. The fruits never wither
  2. These fruits allow you to grow items over several days (a huge advantage for those that don’t want to play daily or when you go on vacation!)

As Beeline adds more Flowers or Trees, check back here for the info.

See you around the village…

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  1. Barb

    I bought nat smurf but she didn’t unlock all my seeds! She didn’t unlock any of them actually… I can only plant daisy and rose flowers… 🙁

    • heclas

      That’s weird. Remember you have to reach certain levels to be able to plant that seed. What level are you on? Can you not plant the chrysanthemums? I would power cycle and if that doesn’t work contact Beeline. Sorry, I don’t have a good answer for you. 🙁

  2. Dawn Keckley

    I love the trees because you can choose to just leave them as fruitless trees once you complete your first harvest. They’re pretty.

  3. Carol Witt

    I am on level 29 and need to fulfill a quest that requires harvesting 20 flower boxes. I only have 6 and wondered if I have to buy 14 more boxes to do this or if I can just repeatedly fill the 6 I have until I’ve reached the required 20. Thanks!

    • Donna Haverkamp

      I have only 6 also. I just kept just planting until I reached the 20. Takes time that’s all.

  4. Grace Li

    I have problems receiving watering cans after my neighbors watered my flowers that led to a total lost of 46pots of flowers. I also do not receive gifts from neighbors since this problem started. I reported the problems to Beeline but they have no solution for me n the weeks have gone by and no news or notification from Beeline yet.

  5. Antonio

    Ho 20 boxes di fiori che continuo a piantare e raccogliere ma Puffetta continua da giorni a chiedere 20 boxes di fiori. Cosa devo fare.?

  6. Are trees better to plant for better XP points rather than regular crops?? Or what’s the best way to get XP Points??


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