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Everything Game Center (GC)

Even if you want to be a grumpy smurf and not have anyone as a friend,
you should absolutly check out the Game Center, because it is the best way to backup your game or play it on more than one device.

Playing the game through Game Center is theΒ Smurf Village Friends’ GOLDEN RULE:

Always back up your game using Game Center (GC)

Compatible Devices
Advantages to GC
Creating an Account
Playing Smurfs’ Village on GC
Creating Another Village
Multitask Bar
Friends on GC
Switching Devices


Compatible Devices

If you do not see the GC icon and you do have a compatible device, then make sure you update your iOS (must be iOS 4.0 or greater) by connecting to iTunes.

TIP: If you have an older device than the ones above or you cannot update a jailbroken device for fear of losing your other apps then you can still back-up your game by syncing to iTunes (remember the game backs itself up passively on your device as detailed in the Recover Village tip)


Advantages to GC

Using GC has three major advantages:

1. GC stores your game info on their online server
2. You can add friends to your village via GC friends that also play Smurfs’ Village
3. It allows you to play your game on different devices.


Creating an Account

To get started click on “Create New Account” as pictured above

Note: This is the GC Menu on an iPad. iPhones and iTouches look similar without the surrounding game icons. Examples using the iPhone/iTouch menu are forthcoming.

Just fill out your information to create an account. It’s easy and straightforward.

Your GC nickname will show in large letters with the number of Friends, Games, and Achievements below.

Note 1: There are no achievements for Smurfs’ Village but there may be for other games you play via GC.
Note 2: If you’re on an iPad, those game icons are active. You can click on Papa Smurf to take you directly to the game.


Playing Smurfs’ Village on GC

As promised, here is the iPhone/iTouch interface. Let’s play Smurfs Village!! Click on “Games”.

Click on Smurfs’ Village . . .

Tap on Play . . . .

TIP: Opening the game in this manner assures that you are playing via GC and hence, backing up your game.

The “Welcome back” banner at the top confirms that you’re synced to GC.

Note: You can only sync to GC if your device is connected to the internet since you are saving to their online server.

If you choose to start your Smurfs’ Village game directly from the app AND you’re signed in to GC, GC should recognize that you’re running Smurfs and the banner should pop-up as in the previous slide or . . .

. . . . at the top of your village.

You will see this pop-up if

1. You open Smurfs’ Village and you have never created a GC account (assuming you have GC) or
2. You are not signed in to your GC account

Go ahead and sign-up or sign-in.


Creating Another Village

Creating Another Village
If you want to create more than one village you can do so using GC. The easy part is creating the new account. Sign out of the current one by clicking on the “Account” banner with your email address . . . .

Tap on “Sign Out” . . . .

Now tap on “Create New Account”. You will need another email address for a 2nd account but you can use the same password. Once you’re signed in to the 2nd account . . .



Multitask Bar

In order to activate the Multitasking function you must double click on your device’s Home button. You must have iOS4 to multitask

After double clicking the Home button, your ACTIVE apps will appear at the bottom of your screen with the most recent at the left of the multitask bar. If you are switching between GC accounts it is important to close your game so that one village does not overwrite (i.e. erase) the other. If you have used multiple apps since Smurfs’, you may have to slide your finger from right to left within the Multitask bar to find the game.

Now, place your finger on the Smurfs’ Village icon and hold it there until . . .

. . . the apps start to wiggle and appear with a red minus sign. Click on the minus sign of Smurfs’ . . .

. . . your game should disappear. You have now closed the game.


Just tap outside of the Multitask bar to exit it. You can also press the Home button once which keeps the bar open but removes the red minus signs. You can now open another app directly from the Multitask bar hence the name!


Friends on GC

The “Friends” button will show you all your GC friends. Let’s see what else you can do from this menu . . .

You can click on a friend’s name from the Friend menu. You will see all the GC games they play. You can also remove them from your GC friends by tapping “Unfriend”.

Let’s click on the Smurfs’ Village icon from here . . .

If you note below “SMURFS’ VILLAGE” it will tell you when was the last time your neighbor played

TIP: If you’re wandering why your neighbors’ crops are always withered and why he/she has been on the same level for a month you can confirm the date they last played here.

Thanks, Dawn, for pointing this out!

1. You can look through your current GC friends by dragging your finger downward on the screen. You will pull down the “Search Friends” bar. Tap in the bar and type in your search.

2. Add friends by clicking on the “+” sign in the upper right hand corner . . .

Enter a friend’s email or their GC nick name to send a GC friend request.

The “Requests” menu will show you anyone requesting to be your GC friend. Click on their name . . .

Note: You can also add friends from this menu by using the “+” sign in the upper right hand corner.

You can accept or ignore your GC friend requests.


Switching Devices


On your “virgin” device, log on to GC and then open the game from within GC as previously described. Since it’s the first time, the game will take you through the opening storyboards. Click through them until you get to the above sign. Choose your online village.

***NOTE***: If you’re having trouble with your game you may need to delete the Smurfs app and download it again. If you’ve been syncing to GC, you will get your old village back but will have to go through the above also!!

If you’re switching between devices back and forth you will also see this message. Preview the villages and choose the one you last worked on.
Note: there can be a lag between GC syncs. I’ve tried everything Capcom suggested and there are still lags that can be several hours long. I’ve recommended a “Force Sync” option. Cross your fingers!


This information is some of the most important you will need for saving yourself when something goes wrong. Definitely remember the information here and refer it to a Smurf in need.

See you around the village…

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  1. retchell

    hi can i join your village company..i also played smurfs already at 22 level

    • G-Daddy Smurf

      Sure! Go to Smurf Village Friends in Facebook and Like us and look around. You can also Like us in The Find Us On Facebook widget along the side of the page.

  2. Ns2944

    I keep adding friends in game center, I have restarted smurfs, and still can’t see my friends option in the village map? I’m receiving gifts from friends and I can’t gift them back because I can’t get to their village:( please help

  3. jennifer

    i have my gc account but every time i go on it it does not have an add button. Idk what to do to solve this i would like to have some friends

    • heclas

      Hi, Jennifer! Make sure it is the same GC icon featured above. If it is, then there’s something wrong with your app. Try syncing your device to iTunes to fix any apps that may have not downloaded correctly. If none of that works, then you may want to contact Apple. Good luck, Jennifer! πŸ™‚

  4. Ana

    How can i visit the villages of my friends from game center(not Facebook)?

    • heclas

      hi, ana! the same way you visit all your friends. your neighborhood usually organizes your fb friends first followed by your gc friends. sometimes you won’t see your GC friends because either they 1) haven’t accepted you yet, 2) your internet connection is weak, or 3) the GC server is down. They’ll appear eventually!

      • Ana

        Hi!my gc friends still not showing…I can see them on gc and I’m getting gifts.I just got the new update,turn on/off my iPod and still nothing…do you know what could be the problem?thanks

        • heclas

          it happens often when they’re working on their server or you have a poor internet connection. give it some time, ana, and they should be back soon

          • heclas

            oh and if you’ve already tried power cycling and after a couple days they’re not back the only thing i have left to recommend is contacting beeline. πŸ™

    • Selene

      I have the same problem. I didn’t send any friend request but I accepted several. I added them. Then I am getting gifts from them but I can’t gift them back because I can’t figure out how to go to their village. There’s nothing on my neighbor list. I feel bad because they keep giving me gifts and I am not returning the favor. I hope they don’t get mad at me.

      • Selene

        Oh wow! My neighbors all showed up as of last night. It’s about a week since I added them. So it takes a long time for the server to sync. But I can visit them and gift them now. Thanks anyway.

  5. Tonya Shih

    I’m still confused about the relationship between GC & Apple ID. When I tried to create a second village, thus second GC ID, it asks for another email address which I understand from above that it should be a different one from the first ID. The confusing part is, it states that this email will be your new Apple ID. This means I will have 2 Apple IDs in order to have 2 GC and 2 villages? I was hoping to have 1 Apple ID with multiple GC IDs so all purchases can be consolidated into 1 Apple account. Is this possible?

    Thank you for all the great info!

    • heclas

      Tonya, what matters is what apple id your device is connected to. Even when I’m on my second village, my purchases are still through my original iTunes account.

  6. Berniece

    I have GC app previously but I deleted it. Now, I cannot re-install it again as it is not on iTunes anymore. What should be the next step, please?

    • heclas

      Hi, Berniece! There was another app called Game Center but it is not the same one mentioned here. This GC is automatically part of your apps if you have the devices and iOS mentioned above. You cannot delete this GC. First see if you have the right device and if so then update your device by syncing to iTunes.

  7. Selene

    Sorry I feel so stupid because your instructions sound so thorough already, and I am still lost! I have an iPad (original) with iOS4, so it looks like it should be compatible, but I don’t see a Game Center icon as you pictured. Is this another app I need to download first? (But I searched the app store and didn’t see one.) But I do have a Game Center account (I created one when I play Pocket Frogs – and I still don’t really know what it does and I am still totally confused). So where do I find this Game Center icon?

    I really would love to add some friends. I have always been playing solo but that’s not my choice. I just don’t use Facebook and I can’t find a way to add friends without Facebook.

    • heclas

      Selene, if you created a GC ID then the app should be one of the icons on your device. It is not downloadable. It’s automatically included. Try syncing your iPad to iTunes. Hope that works.

  8. Jenel

    Hi. I also don’t see the add friends button on my GC page. Would it work if friends would request me, if I am unable to request them. I need friends for the new quests, bit don’t want to use my Facebook friends. Any other suggestions on getting friends via GC? Thanks, Jenel

  9. I have two villages and I don’t know how both are in the same GC account one is level 20 and I have spent slot of time and money on this village the other level 7!!! Each time I sign out of my GC then sign back in again I never know which village is going to appear last time all my items from smurf grabber ended up on the level 7 village :(!!! Please help me how do I delete this unwanted level 7 village with out loosing my level 20 village !!!

  10. Some how I have 2 villages on the same GC account please help I lev 20 the other level 7 how do I delete level 7 village with out losing level 20 village my gifts and smurf grabber items keep going to my unwanted village πŸ™ !!!

  11. Shadan alkassim


    I deactivated my Facebook account last month. And as far as I can remember non of my friends played Smurfs Village. I’ve been playing solo all the time but I would love to have friends on my game center. Can I do that without facebook? By the way I just found your site by mistake & I’m so happy I did. What a great job I learned many new things. I love this game & I play it every single day though my real life friends think I’m silly & immature but it does not bother me whatsoever

    • heclas

      Glad you found us, Shadan! Have you checked out our FB page. There are over 20,000 silly and immature Smurfs there just like you! And yes, you can play solely with GC friends. Some do create a separate FB account just for the game. Happy Smurfing!

  12. Ralph

    Hey all. Since a recent update to game center I have problems switching between my two villages. I can no longer enter the more recent of my villages. Is anybody having the same problem? Or even a solution? I feel awful about all the rotting pumpkin in the orphaned village πŸ™‚

    • heclas

      Same thing happened to me Ralph. Do the following: log off of GC, close your Smurfs game using the Multitask function, Power Cycle, and then reopen GC and log in with your other account. Should work. Worked for me! Good luck!

  13. Ralph

    It worked, thanks!
    And also thanks for this totally awesome and incredibly useful handbook in general…!

    • heclas


  14. Cheryl

    Please feel free to add me on Game Centre – 79pinkpink79
    Happy smurfing x

    • heclas

      Check out our add me section to the right, Cheryl. Make sure you also add people from the list. Happy Smurfing!

  15. Berniece

    I lost my village after upgrage the app yesterday. What should I do now? HELP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  16. jayson

    I have a new phone (iPhone 4S). I open up Smurf Village with Game Center running. I was prompted to choose villages. But my online village from the other phone (iPhone 3GS) has blank details (no money, xp) and I cannot preview. When I select the online village, it fails to load and says I need to update Smurfs Village. But there are no updates available in app store!!! This is driving me nuts.

    • heclas

      That’s really weird, Jayson. Check out the Fixing My Smurfs section in this Handbook and see if that helps. The only thing I can think of are an incompatibility in iOS (your 3GS isn’t on iOS5). Not sure why that would make a difference though. I think I may end up being of no help to you and you may have to contact Beeline. If they give you a solution please let me know so I can include it in the troubleshooting section, please. Sorry, Jayson.

  17. Herman

    Hi Hector,
    First, thanks for creating this guide/these tips. They have been (and stlll are) extremely helpful.
    I created a second village according to your instructions. It’s great, but it seems to upset the friends’ gifting system in the game (and I do not use the Facebook login). Apparently, you can only give one present a day to someone from one device, even if they are connected to both my accounts. (That is especially frustrating for people sharing one device.) Furthermore, but that may be another problem unconnected with the two accounts, some friends are not available for gifting for several days. Powercycling may help, but the game does not work as it should. I saw that these problems have been reported to Beeline, but – until they are fixed – you might want to add a notice about this, or maybe you have some good advice.

    • heclas

      Thanks, Herman! I did have the info about gifting the same neighbor with 2 villages but I have it under the “Gifting Neighbors” section in More Smurfy Tips. I will add it to this section too!
      As far as the neighbors disappearing, check out the “Fixing My Smurfs” section of the Handbook. This has been happening as long as I’ve been playing (December ’10) and I’ve given up trying to figure out what to do or else I’d go crazy! I just wait until they appear again. Someone posted that they go into the Manage Friends menu without changing anything and then go back to their neighbors. They said it works every time but I’ve yet to try it.

      • Herman

        Thanks Hector. And I really thought I had carefully read all tips…

  18. pd10

    why my IPad wont sync the latest update from GC? I am at level 26 on my iPhone. I install Smurfs village into the new IPad and open the game in IPad from GC. After open the Smurf game from GC, it has the message saying β€œwelcome back….” But it make me go through all the introduction …. And start at the beginning.
    I try to delete the game from IPad and reinstall several time but it did not pickup
    Please help. Thanks

    • heclas

      Pd10, check out the Fixing My Smurfs section of this Handbook. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what else to tell you. πŸ™


    hello i need help!!
    I upgraded my OS to IOS5.0.1 the other night. Since then i cannot open my Smurf. I am using 3GS. I tried to delete the app and reinstall about 5X, everytime i open the game , papa smurf will as me to start making a garden, level zero!!. The “choose your village” never appeared on my screen. I tried many times but still the same. I also tried the “papa smurf recover village” but the last date saved was tonite! … am going crazy here..

    • heclas

      Hi, Tascha! When you delete your app you delete your app you delete the saved villages on your device so that the Papa trick doesn’t work. I’m assuming you do play with GC, right? Check out the “Fixing your smurfs” section of the Handbook. If you’re on GC then the choose your village should appear unless the GC server is down. I have no other ideas besides what’s in that section of the Handbook. I hope it helps and sorry if it doesn’t. πŸ™


        hector!!!! whaaaaaaa!!! πŸ™ , yah am playing with GC, I followed the instructions at Fixin my Smurf, but the “choose your village” never appeared at all . I deleted and restored again many times today but Papa smurf always ask me to “build a garden” and it’s at level zero. I was at level 27! (good thing i took at photo of my village few days ago)
        Will beeline gimme back the smurfberries I purchased?

        crying Tascha

        • heclas

          Tascha, I’m so sorry. :(. Keep playing and see if it will pop up. Sorry, I have nothing else. Yes, Beeline will refund your SB if you’ve saved your iTunes receipts.

          • TASCHA PASSION

            hello Hector, wow i deleted and reinstalled my smurf app again just now, and the “choose your village” appeared – a good sign.
            There were 2 options with village at level 0 and the other village at level XX . (why is it at level XX?? ) i checked the preview for level XX but it says “you need to update your Smurfs to view this village” But my Smurfs is updated. Have you encountered anything like this? What should I do?
            Thanks Tascha

  20. Leila

    Hi Hector. Your website is really helpful, but I have a very basic Question to ask,
    I already have a GC account, I have added few friends on GC who also plays Smurf’s Village, but I have no idea how to visit their village, since I cant find any Icon whether on GC or on SV that shows me my ‘friends’ village’. Please help. Is there something wrong with my app.? I live in China, and fb is banned here, thus my only option is to use GC, in order to have friends. I see them on GC, but i don’t know how to view their village/gift them while playing the game. I am on level 29 on SV. Please help!
    Thanks a bunch.

    • heclas

      Hi, Leila! Sorry for the late reply. There is an icon in the lower left corner of the SV screen that looks like a blue house. Tap on that to see your neighbors’ villages. Lately there has been huge problems though with friends not showing up in your neighborhood. It has been working better though over the past 2-3 days. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  21. Jade

    I need help!! I have been trying for a month and change to figure this head scratcher out. I might simply be over looking something that’s very easy and just over complicating the issue.

    I have been playing SV since it came out. Love it!! Unfortunately, I played it on my partner’s Apple ID and her game center as well. I have finally made my own Apple ID and game center, and every other game is transferred, updated and saved. SV is friggen frustrating me beyond my comprehension.

    What am I doing wrong?!? I want to play my SV (which was started under my partner’s game center) under my own. What do I do to prevent myself from losing everything and starting from scratch?? My niece loves the game, as do I.

    I’m running a first gen iPad with iOS5 and the latest SV update as well. I’m so beyond frustrated that I will follow step-by-step instruction here. I’ve only been Apple & iPad friendly for a year and change.

    Can someone please show me the light?!?

    Many thanks in advance.


  22. Mc Griff

    What is the limit for the storage hut?

  23. Jano

    I have deleted my smurfs village by mistake …. I’m level 30 now and I don’t wanna restart it all over again ,,, is it possible to get my old account back ??? Please help πŸ™

  24. syrena

    I alredy have gc. I want to install an update from application store, but I’m afraid all my progress will be lost, could you pls advise? And also, all my friend listed in fb that play sv will be appear as my neighbor, but I couldn’t visit their village with message ” you may need to update your application to see this village”. please help, thank you

  25. Syrena

    Problem solved

  26. Erin

    Hi, I’m not on FB and am looking for some game center friends for smurf village. Please feel free to send me a request (btw the 0’s in my username are numbers not letters) skanky.x0x0

  27. ling

    Hi Hector,
    i choose wrongly the village,
    how can I do so I can get back my smurfs village?

  28. Bo-Bo Smurf

    1st off great jobξ€Žξ€Ž I learned some new things about my iPhone and got some much needed help with my Smurfy Village! So thanx on both accounts.

  29. ppp

    Add my gamecenter:finsofafish


  31. ora

    i did not saved the game befor delieting πŸ™

  32. Eugene Enciso

    Please help me recover my smurfs. I lost all 60 of them. Also I purchased smurfberries and did not receive them.


  33. Jacqui

    Hi there!
    Been playing smurfs village for months now, my prob I am playing 2 different devices (ipad and itpuch) with 1 itunes account.

    Then when I created game center log in, using my unique iTunes account … it created confusion on my GC account more. Everytime I open and play each device, it asks option saved game/GC account. It was good for days but Now, I lost my level 33 status on my itouch. Help!! How can I restore both games on their respective device?

  34. Dianacgv

    I need friends smurf village in game center pless add Dianacgv

  35. Dee

    When I tap on games, smurf village option does not appear,please help!

  36. Shobs

    Hi everyone! please add my GC: shobanes
    Thank you! : )

  37. Dom

    Add me! Game center nick o_dom_

  38. Kate

    Hi, there. I got a great tip for upgrading farmersmurf. However, I took your advice to sign up my game center and my previous game was gone and it forced me to start a new one! I want my old game back… I don’t remember what I set the GC when I first played the smurf game… Is there a way to get back my old village? Thanks.

  39. Skm

    i need friends on GC please add me SKDOGGY25 i need bolts too im on level 22

  40. Add me Gamecenter-ID: “Hexa2k”


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