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Reference Material – Graphs and Charts

[See all entries in Hector’s Ultimate Pics and Tricks for Smurf Village Friends]

If you’re into the numbers of the game, then this is the section for you! Over time, Smurf Village Friends has collected all there is to know about how coins and XP affect your game.

Check out all the Chart Goodness!

Gifting Chart


Gifting your neighbors flower pots will give the most XP and coins. Gifting flower seeds give no XP/coins and are only of benefit if your neighbor doesn’t already have that seed unlocked.

Wood Chart

Note 1: 1 tree stump (90XP) takes up the same amount of space as 6 log bundles (90XP) but will cost you 1900 coins less

Note 2: 1 squirrel log (50XP) takes up the same amount of space as 4 wood bundles (60XP)

Rock Chart

Bigger and Mossy is better!!

Thanks to Nicole Simon for teaching me how to take screenshots of graphs or anything else for that matter. She also gathered most of the numbers for Timber and Miner along with Laci Rogers.

Crop Charts

(The following graphs are an approximation since it is near impossible to have 0 seconds in between picking and planting crops)

* Summer Salad Crop Pack (4000 coins) ** Fruity Fun Crop Pack (20 smurfberries)

The first question to ask yourself is how much time do you have or are willing to spend! Use your time wisely, my friends (and the graph above)!

If you’re growing for XP then the above graph is for you!

Low on coins? Golden Corn anyone??

Note: Golden Corn only available with the 15-smurfberry wagon (formerly the Thanksgiving statue); more on this in the Smurfberry section!

Crops with Farmer Smurf

Around 25% increase in XP/Coins for crops adjacent to Farmer Smurf with a few exceptions.

Flower Chart

Here are the basic numbers on the flowers. Remember, even if you have received a seed for a higher level flower or you have Nat Smurf, those seeds aren’t unlocked until you’re at that level. The gifted seeds will be applied at that level. You only have to receive them once.

If you’re looking to get the most XP out of your flowers then this is the slide for you. There is one big caveat though that we do not see with the crops. The numbers are limited by:

1. The 5-minute latency period
2. The amount of time it takes for your friends to water your crops

TIP: You can always open a second village and control Step 7!! See the Game Center section on how to create a second village

Flowers with Nat Smurfling

Additional XP with pots adjacent to Nat provides about 25% more XP. For the optimal 12-pot set-up around Nat, see the Nat Smurfling section.

Items by Level Chart

You can just look within your game to find out this information but isn’t it kind of nice to see it all together!?

XP per Item Chart (Patrick’s Pages)


These graphs are proof that the smurfs reward decorating your village with XP. When you place an item down, you will get XP back! If it’s an item that needs to be built, the XP is awarded when the item is finished.

These slides are for someone who wants the most bang for his smurf coins! The percent is how much XP per gold spent.

Note: Smurfs love sitting down . . . . and they HATE doing laundry!!!

Big Thanks to Patrick Hung for inspiring these slides and collecting most of the numbers and to Bud Potter for data collection as well!!

XP Level Up Chart

** XP Needed to Increase 1% by Level **

This one slide took more blood, sweat, and tears from several smurfs than any ten slides combined!! The numbers have been rounded off for simplicity’s sake. The several smurfs that brought you this slide is a testament to the great members we have at Smurf Village Friends. They have been listed below. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Bud Potter, Hanne Koch, Jeannette Smith, Carla Puckett, Yaki Jacques, Amy Wood Drummond, Robert Colson, Kathy Sufcak, Lea Sappe, Orit Shemesh, Char Fazande Leary, Wtptd Jenn, Felicity Anderson, Andrea Valenzuela removeJena Watson, Ryan Yuen, and Lina Vital!


As Beeline adds new levels and items, we will update this chapter.

See you around the village…


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  1. Tracy

    Great site, thanks for all the useful info and charts. You have answered many of my questions, made the game more enjoyable.

    • heclas

      No problem, Tracy!

  2. Erna

    He Hector, thanks for the charts!
    I thought I saw a chart about the XP a gift gives, was/is that on your page or did I see that somewhere else?

    • heclas

      Hi, Erna! Sorry for the late reply. Geoff was kind enough to transfer everything over from our FB page and I’ve been working on cleaning it up and updating the Handbook for the past month or so. I’m finally at this section. The graph you are looking for is listed above under Decorations (although I may change the title). Happy Smurfing!

  3. Erika Kelly (Jazzy Smurf)

    Thank you SO much! Wonderful site and just in time. 🙂

    • heclas

      Thanks, Erika! 🙂

  4. Sheri

    Awesome site!! The graphs are VERY helpful!

    • heclas

      Thanks, Sheri! 🙂

  5. Rikki

    That XP = 1% by level is amazing! Thank you to everyone, because that conversion drives me bonkers at every level. I wonder if there is some sort of mathematical formula for it…

    • heclas

      Thanks, Rikki! I was actually going to update it today or tomorrow to include Level 35. I wish there was a formula because figuring it out is so tedious and painstaking!

    • cxhase

      A MATH FORMULA?> Grade 3. try adding two zeros to the end. xD

  6. Lart

    Great charts! It is helping me a lot.

    I found a pretty trick for fast XP. This is not really a cheat, it is more a bug in the program that you can take advantage of. This trink also give smurfs!

    The trick is simple. When you move an item just before it is complete, it starts building again at the point it was when you start moving it. And the gain of the completion, in XP or smurf, are not lost.

    My best use of this trick is to build the most expensive house. At my level, it is the yellow house. It cost 2000 gold, and gives 1 smurf and 750xp when complete.

    You begin to build it, and 10 seconds before it ends, you *start” to move it, but you don’t drop it. When it is complete (and xp/smurf are gain), then you drop, and the smurf that was building it will continu to build it at the new location. You can do it multiple times, you just have to move it before it complete.

    Result: 1 smurf and 750xp every 10 seconds. Not bad for 2000 gold investment.

    You can to the same with other items, but it has to take times to build. You can not use this on items that are build instantly. You can also use it with the picnic table, per exemple. Cost 500 gold, and gives 200 xp after 30 minutes.

    • heclas

      Hey, Lart! Yeah, I saw this on a YouTube video once. I didn’t include it because even though it is a bug, it is still kind of a cheat. Glad you loved the charts!

  7. Chiang4E

    I got stuck with papa smurf, he asked me to plant pineapples which I don’t have the fruity pack and not enough berry to buy. The Beeline support said that is a known bug and they are fixing it now. Wonder if any other friend has the same experience. It has been 3 weeks since then.

    • heclas

      Go to the Smurfs Village Friends wall ( and you’ll several people ask about this daily, Chiang!

  8. Swaymonkey

    This site needs to be updated.

    • heclas

      Sorry, Sway. Had visitors from Australia for a week, followed by my mom’s 60th and just when I thought I would have time to update it my 3-month caught a cold (from the Aussies’ 7-month old actually!). Will get on it this week.

  9. Carlos

    My wife is a couple of levels ahead of me and I knew about Papa Smurf’s house upgrade, so as soon as Alchemist Smurf arrrived and I was given the option I upgraded Papa Smurf’s house.

    Now Alchemist Smurf is asking me to upgrade Papa Smurf’s house, so he can mix potions, but I already did it. I hit “OK” in the message, but the exclamation sign on his hut doesn’t go away.

    I have reinitiated by iphone many times, but it stays the same. What elese can I do? Any help is appreaciated.

  10. Jodi Renee

    Carlos, thanks for your post about upgrading Papa Smurf’s house. However I do not
    know which one is his. Could you help me please? Thanks you very much.

    • heclas

      Jodi, I just added Alchemist Smurf to the Handbook and have updated Papa’s page. Check ’em out! I think it will help!

  11. K8

    It would seem the “cheat” as listed above has been addressed in this upgrade cause I attempted on mine with success before upgrade – curiosity… And went to get my son a few extra XP and smurfs and no luck … And didn’t work on bench I built … Happy smurfin’ ..k8

  12. Brooks

    Did the down load for thanksgiving. Can not find the statue it is not in the berries location. Any Odessa of how to find it. I use a iPad. Thanks

    • heclas

      there is no thanksgiving update yet. only halloween, brooks. probably not until mid-november at the rate they put out updates

      • Peter

        maybe if the update is there they can also fix the friend problem in the game.
        i cant see my friends now a days. it really sucks but what can u do.

        • heclas

          I think we all agree with that one! Hopefully Beeline resolves this issue.

  13. You could definitely see your expertise within the paintings you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

    • heclas

      Never thought of myself as a writer but thanks Psych! 😉

  14. Leonard

    You may want to recalculate green peppers – you have the wrong gold per hour number (should be 48)

  15. MikeySmurf

    Just found your site, thanks so much!! I’m not finding (or perhaps understanding) the slide about how much XP will increase 1% for each level. Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone? Thanks so much!

  16. Leonard

    Not much updated information on this site(no activity). The XP chart is a bit off. I have a much more accurate table of XP if you are interested. For instance your table says only 1000XP is needed per percent at level 21 when the actual number is a little over 1577XP for each percent. I see XP increasing by 100%, then 50% then 40% then 30% then 20% then 10% between levels.

  17. Hanne Koch

    That with the percent increasement seems to be a good point! Since we always wanted to find a key for counting XPs. Sometimes it is difficult to count because with the accumulating XPs when you have reached the max level you always jump in the next max level. So Hector needs informations from players which are not maxed out. When we all started playing in here it was easier! Help is always appreciated! Thank you Leonard!

  18. Lynn

    I carefully counted XP needed on Level 40, and it is 20,140.

  19. Lynn

    Level 41: XP for 1% = 22,570

  20. Lynn

    Level 42 XP….. 24,580 = 1%
    All those gardens on the island are sure helpful with XP. This is a crazy high amount of XP for 1%!

  21. Leonard

    I have an completed XP table on Smurfs Village Android Community FB page. You can also see it on mysmurfsvillage page. Lynn – Those numbers are pretty close. However I have not posted the numbers for level 46 yet.

  22. Simon

    Thank you so much for all the work you have put into the charts. It is nice to know how much XP is need to go to next level.

  23. Kristin dye

    How can I start another village? My son and I play the same one but he needs one of his own.


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