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Happy Smurfday!!!

One year ago today, Geoff Walton, aka G-Daddy Smurf, created this wonderful world you know as Smurf Village Friends. What started out as a cozy, Facebook nook for friends to talk about the phenomenon that is Smurfs’ Village, exploded into a community of 23,500+ fans strong with its own contests, handbook and website!

The above picture is actually our very first profile pic that served as our masthead until we decided to make it your contest pictures. Afterall, it’s the “Friends” in Smurf Village Friends that make usĀ  great!

So today is a celebration not only for Geoff and the people that keep SVF smurfing (Nicole Simon, Tiffanie Miller, Samm Khoury, etc) but for you the fans that keep us going! Thank you and we hope to keep “uniting the world one Smurf at a time” for many more years to come!

Happy Smurfday!

– Hector

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