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Hector’s Handbook

Hector’s Ultimate Pics and Tricks Handbook

If you like visuals with your tips, you’re gonna love this smurfy handbook!! I have designed the Handbook to help you get through the game without ruining any of the surprises. It is therefore not a walkthrough. A lot of folks from Smurf Village FriendsΒ have helped in putting this work together! I hope you enjoy our work!!

Table of Contents

Fixing My Smurfs
Meet The Smurfs
Flowers and Shrubs (Trees)
Worth The Berries (WTB)
Smurfy Tips
Graphs and Charts
Answers to Riddles and Quests
Game Center

If you see any errors or would like to see anything modified, added, deleted let me know. Feel free to leave a comment or message meΒ and I’ll modify the handbook.
Special thanks to Laci Rogers, Marcel de Graaf, Cynthia Nguyen, Bud Potter and Nicole Simon for collecting a large portion of the numbers and information included in this picture handbook. Huge thanks to Geoff Walton for allowing me to post this on SVF!!

Happy Smurfing!!
– Hector


  1. Jo

    Consmurfulations proud Papi!!! If u ever get a second, as I know they are now going to be few and far between sometimes, would u add in the second village part about not having to create a new apple password. But I may be the only one who did that, I don’t know. Thanks Hec!!!!! We smurfs <3 ya!!

    • heclas

      Thanks, Jo!! Will do when I get to that section, Jo! I’m currently going through and editing the entire Handbook in order!

  2. Honey Pie (my true smurfy name)

    Hectors Ultimate Pics andTricks for Smurf Village Friends ROCKS!! I luv it and it’s major helpful xx the time spent on this for smurf gamers is truly amazing xx

  3. heclas

    Hello, friends! Please, consider this a beta version with much left to add and organize! Most of the info has been transferred from the FB version of the Sexy Handbook and you will find some things didn’t translate well. I will be reorganizing and editing the info soon. Please, excuse the unfinished product. Happy Smurfing!

  4. Janita Stephens

    I need the old table of contents, please.

    • heclas

      Hi, Janita!
      Geoff just taught me right now how to manage the site. Consider the Handbook under construction at the moment. I hope to make it much more user friendly than the FB version over the next couple of weeks. Hope you like the finished product!

  5. Heather

    Thank you sooo much!! The handbook is a huge help!! AWESOME!!! πŸ™‚

    • heclas

      Thanks, Heather. It’s actually in its beta stage. I’m currently working on it to fix all the problems with transferring it from FB in addition to adding everything from the last updates. I’ll make a post once it is done and ready! πŸ™‚

  6. Adriana

    Hi Heclas,

    There used to be a photo of Timber Smurf up on the Smurfs’ Village Friends Facebook site with the best possible arrangement of wood for XP. I can’t seem to find it anywhere and now with the new update and more space I’d like to rearrange my village. Can you send me the link to the photo or post it on here please (that is, if it isn’t alreadty up!)

    Thanks so much,


    • heclas
      • Jason

        Does anyone happen to know if there is a similar picture showing the best xp configuration for rocks around Miner Smurf’s mine?

        If not, does anyone fell like experimenting? πŸ˜‰

        • heclas

          Hey, Jason!
          A member of SVF posted it on our FB wall ( 2 days ago (8/4). Not sure if you’ll be able to see this link since it’s his personal pic:
          If not just go on our wall about 2 days back

          • Jason

            Hey Hector!

            Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately you were correct and I could not view that picture, and a scan of the last 3-4 days of posts did not reveal the one you mentioned. I’ll post on the wall and see if anyone else can come up with that picture or something similar.

            Thanks again for your help and awesome job on the guide!

          • heclas

            Thanks, Jason. I posted the exact time it was posted on the SVF wall. Let me see if I can just send you the pic myself

  7. naomi nicholas

    I need help getting the question mark from over brainey head I’ve seen the movie
    already what do I do I seen it the first day it came out .

    • heclas

      It won’t disappear until Beeline removes it. Very annoying, I know! Hopefully it’s removed with the next update!

      • naomi nicholas


  8. john schuit

    I only have harvest all cropps by farmer smurf how can i get plant all crops???

  9. naomi nicholas

    any up date on getting the question mark from over Brainy’s smurf head yet

  10. naomi nicholas

    how many fish do you have to catch I’m over a hundred now in all colors red
    blue green purple and yellow I also have 213 boots what do I have to do next.

    • heclas

      There’s nothing more to do, Naomi. πŸ™

      • naomi nicholas

        thank you

  11. Antonella

    Hello Hector, Thank you for your commitment and your sympathy.
    I hope your hand to help me overcome the difficulties.
    My problem is that it always opens the application and do not know how to solve the problem.
    since the last update I can no longer play with my little blue men …… you know help me?
    thank you very much
    Sorry for my English, I’m just studying.

    • heclas

      Sorry for the late reply, Antonella. I’ve been more committed to my 3-month old lately than the little blue guys! There have been problems with the game’s performance especially the older the device is. I have an iPad2 with the latest iOS and it still runs a little slow and takes a while to open! Try this: connect your device to itunes and make sure you have the latest iOS. Another thing you can try ONLY IF YOU PLAY WITH GAME CENTER is deleting the app and redownloading it. Just choose your original village at the prompt. Hope that works! πŸ™‚

  12. Tom

    Trying to figure out how to upgrade papa surfs house from alchemist. Every time I touch the house it goes to the potion mixing game…

    • heclas

      Have you received the quest from Alchemist yet? If you already have and you still don’t get the upgrade menu when you tap on Papa’s house then it sounds like a bug. You’re not the first to ask this, Tom. Beeline should be fixing this with the next update . . . we hope!

  13. Patty

    I am on level 22 and I havent had any quests from Papa smurf. What should I do? I am connected with game center. Thanks for your help!

    • heclas

      That’s strange, Patty. Since when have you not had a quest? If you’ve never had a quest since level 1 then there may be something wrong with your game. Check out the tips in the Fixing My Smurfs section of the Handbook. I’m guessing TIps 1 and 3 would be most helpful to you. πŸ™‚

  14. Pam

    How do you get the gazebo and swing? I am one who has done everything without buying any smurfberries (so I don’t have a lot of the extra smurfs or stuff). Thanks!

    • heclas

      Close your game using the multitask function, as soon as you reopen the game click on your name banner in the upper left corner and then click on the pumpkin, click on buy and you should see the menu. These weren’t meant to be accessed so I’d be wary of spending smurfberries in case the items are removed with the next update. Also, if you have the turkey statue already this will only work if you hide it in the storage hut.

      • Pam

        When I click on the name banner, my pumpkin and all other thanksgiving icons are not highlighted for me to be able to use them. When I hit the pumpkin, it says I need the thanksgiving pack! I play through GC and have done all available updates. I even turned my iPad off and on. My svfs seem to come and go. They are frequently not there for me to visit. Any ideas?

        • Pam

          No I don’t have the turkey statue or the storage hut!

        • heclas

          Right, so when it says you need the Thanksgiving pack, tap “Buy”. Remember, this is not part of any update but a cheat that someone figured out. There are serious issues with seeing friends right now that Beeline is working on..

          • Pam

            Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  15. Dee Dee

    Hey Hector! Thanks 4 putting all this together! Great info!! Just had a question,when ya have time…I have a village on my daughters I-touch(because its not available on a Blackberry) If I get my own i-touch, is there a way I can move that village to a different device(mine,when I get one)? If so,what are the steps we need 2 do to transfer a village? She doesn’t do Game Center,just FaceBook. Thanks!!

    • heclas

      Hi, Dee! You can only transfer villages through GC. the later model iTouches have GC so you may want to check if yours does

  16. Dee Dee

    Morning! Its me again. Thanks 4 info on transferring villages. When I load the game,it does say”create game Center acct”,but I just close out. SO if I create a account, what to do next? Does a actual computer need 2 be involved? BTW: by using the one device,I have found I can log in & out w/ diff FB accounts,and we BOTH have a village!? Same info in each,but diff names.. Comes in handy gifting& watering. AND when I find Marco, I get my gift,THEN I can go find him again & again,etc…I can keep doing this til I get tired of it! Get LOTS of gifts this way!! Is this common,or a glitch? I love being able 2 “keep finding him”!! Thanks again for helping!! L8er… πŸ™‚

    • heclas

      Perfect!! No computer needed. Just create the account and your village will be saved to GC’s online server so that whatever device you’re on you can tap into that village by logging in to their server with your GC account. And yup, the Marco thing is a glitch that people are loving! Finally, a glitch that goes our way! πŸ™‚

  17. Peter

    why do you get so little XP with the fishing game? level 34 and still you get max 50-100XP. maybe they can do it in a way that it gets more the higher level you get.

    • Peter

      my baby smurf is freezing his balls off!

  18. Pam

    I am getting a papa smurf job of “update the Christmas tree”..
    How do I do that?

    • Pam

      Got it! Thanks!

  19. Dee Dee

    Happy Holidays Hector!! Me again wondering if since the Christmas update, Beeline “fixed” the continuous finding Marco thing?? Not working for me anymore,& was wondering if you can still find him over & over like before?! Thanks bunches!! πŸ™‚

  20. Msdfash

    How do I rearrange my village please.

    • :)

      what do you mean?
      Maybe you can arrange it by putting on type of thing together.

  21. maize

    how i can give smurfberry. i can’t connect to internet? i mean game have cheat?

  22. Chala

    How do I get flower seeds if my friend dont have any?

  23. :)

    I already past level 15 and grouchy smurf is not in mu village.What should I do?

  24. Coby

    Papa smurf vraagt mij op het eiland om een hut te bouwen voor een architect. Als ik deze hut wil bouwen krijg ik de mededeling dat ik eerst een architect moet hebben. Hoe kom ik hier aan?

  25. naomi nicholas

    how do I get seeds from a friend I don’t have internet or many friends to help me I’m
    still trying to get clockwork Blueprint done I still need bolts I also want to try and help people with gifts if I have something they need and I don’t know how to do it please help me.

  26. Keish

    What is the crop that the palm tree grows? I’m on level 24 on the island, and cannot get past this point. I have grown everything and nothing has removed the quest.

  27. naomi

    No one will send me seeds hwo else can I get some for my crops like the bananas,coconut ,ect. and I still haven’t finished clockwork please tell me what to do hector smurf please

  28. naomi nicholas

    how long do it take to get a answer back from you sent a message on june 28

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