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Hector’s Handbook

Hector’s Ultimate Pics and Tricks Handbook

If you like visuals with your tips, you’re gonna love this smurfy handbook!! I have designed the Handbook to help you get through the game without ruining any of the surprises. It is therefore not a walkthrough. A lot of folks from Smurf Village Friends have helped in putting this work together! I hope you enjoy our work!!

Table of Contents

Fixing My Smurfs
Meet The Smurfs
Flowers and Shrubs (Trees)
Worth The Berries (WTB)
Smurfy Tips
Graphs and Charts
Answers to Riddles and Quests
Game Center

If you see any errors or would like to see anything modified, added, deleted let me know. Feel free to leave a comment or message me and I’ll modify the handbook.
Special thanks to Laci Rogers, Marcel de Graaf, Cynthia Nguyen, Bud Potter and Nicole Simon for collecting a large portion of the numbers and information included in this picture handbook. Huge thanks to Geoff Walton for allowing me to post this on SVF!!

Happy Smurfing!!
- Hector