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Smurfs Village is all about syncing up with your friends and building a beautiful village to share with them as well. You can add new friends in two different ways. You can add Smurf Village players as Facebook friends and add friends in Game Center. Regardless of your preference, one of the first things you should do is sync your game with Game Center through your Apple device.

If you state Add Me you are implying you want to be added through Facebook. If you want to be added through Game Center leave your ID.
G-Daddy Smurf


  1. Josietai

    Hi! Please add me. My GC name is Fun Cheong

    • Evian

      Add me too!!! GC -!3vi!-

  2. Marlin

    Please add me – username: MarlinPrincess
    Thank you!

  3. annie

    hi friends…pls add me….tnx

  4. fabrice

    you can add my on game center : fab-louannec

  5. Hi, Be smurf friend GC : kuppy30

  6. Hi,be a Smurf friend GC: Kuppy30

  7. Anna

    Hi!need friends for smurfs’ village !Please add me: GAMECENTER account: anusya22

  8. 7183R

    add me 🙂 game center: 7183R

  9. mandy williams

    i have a android with my smurfs game so how do i add friends .
    iv try to though fb but nothing happends .

  10. My GC ID is : mimizz19

  11. SacSmurfy

    GC ID: SacSmurfy! 🙂

  12. poundthenoobs

    Add me for daily gifts & flower watering: poundthenoobs

    • Peterke

      Come smurf ! GC Id : Peterke0-0

      • Peter De Ridder

        Correction to the above : Game Center id is PeterkeO-O and smurfy friends are still welcome !

  13. Jana

    Add me as a friend for Smurf Village. Game Center name is: Janarico. I check every day, water flowers, and leave gifts.

  14. add me i visit friends and leave gifts every second/third day 🙂

    betsy boo boos

  15. Mariya

    Hi people! Please add me also. My GameCentr name is barashaasha

  16. Hi, My GameCentr name is Kero Gunzo or KERO<3

  17. Teresa

    Game center ID

  18. Ghazelle

    Add my gc id: ~ gtl ~

  19. Amanda

    GC username : bigbucksmomma add me!

  20. Jonah

    Hi add me to your Smurfs Village friends GC jonah620

  21. Damoyouxia

    Hi , please add me, my GC name is Damoyouxia, thanks!

  22. CJP

    Please add me on game center 🙂 name: *prosecco*

  23. Ratamatus

    Add me please, Ratamatus

  24. Tiffany

    Game center: TiffyJuan

  25. fangbanger

    add me! my GC ID is: fangbanger!


  26. Eliza

    how to add through the game centre and how to go to the game centre? i want to add friends through game centre but i dont know hot to go to the game centre. help me please.

  27. hnysy

    hi add: honey soy, I gift and thanks

  28. Mei

    please add me via gc mtam26

  29. Eraleth

    Please add me. GC ID Eraleth.


  30. Theoden1

    Please add me. GC name is THEODEN1

  31. Mili

    Please add me Game Centre

  32. W!lco

    Gamecenter: W!lco

  33. Youri

    hey, i am searching for friends to give bolts/gifts nearly everyday. it would be nice if you can send me bolts/gifts too ofcourse.

    add me on GC: -=YOURI=-

  34. Kiltorea

    Please add me.

  35. monalisa

    Hi everyone.I play smurfs’ village on my ipad.please add my GAMECENTER ID: monalisa_mt

  36. monalisa

  37. omar

    agregame por favor a game center soy muerto76

  38. Kate

    Please add me, game centre name is kateylb

  39. lia

    ad me on game center my ID api2412

  40. Louise

    Add me in smurfs village – Luitton

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