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Miner Smurf

[See all entries in Hector’s Ultimate Pics and Tricks for Smurf Village Friends]

Miner is available at Level 12.

Once a day, Miner gives you 100 coins and 200 XP plus additional XP for rocks adjacent to Miner. Click on his place and you’ll see how much time is left for the next bonus. You can also click on “Play Miner’s Game” which gives a separate timer to play his mini-game (more on that in a bit).

Note: Clicking on Miner will highlight those rocks that will give you the additional XP. Not green = not adjacent = no bonus!

TIP: If you’ve put Miner on the farthest right side of your village you will not be able to see all the highlighted wood/rocks/ plots/pots because their menus will take up the right side of the screen (even if you zoom in all the way). Slide your finger from right to left anywhere on the screen (should be a short slide) and then click on either of their houses. Tada! The menu should move over beyond the right side of your village now allowing you to see all the highlights!!

TIP: Rocks gifted from friends do not give a bonus and therefore do not turn green as seen above.

Once the timer runs out, Miner’s ready to give up the goods!!

Adjacent rocks will give you more XP!! Note there is a limit to which adjacent rocks give XP. Remember tap on his house to see which ones are adjacent. Not green = no bonus! 

Here’s a breakdown of the rock bonuses. Bigger and Mossy is better!!

Thanks to Nicole Simon for teaching me how to take screenshots of graphs or anything else for that matter. She also gathered most of the numbers for Timber and Miner along with Laci Rogers.

This is the best arrangement I could come up with to yield the most XP.

  • 17 Large Stone Combo + 3 3-Stone Combo + 14 Small Stone + regular bonus = 1890 XP!!
Note: The small stones have been numbered in the picture above

Miner’s Game

When you see the bouncing pick, Miner’s game is ready!

Let’s play Miner’s Game!!

Note: another timer. This one tells you when you can play again for a reward. Miner’s game is available as follows:

  • Level 12 – 14: every 6 hours
  • Level 15 – 17: every 8 hours
  • Level 18 – 20: every 10 hours
  • Level 21 and on: every 12 hours

Thanks, Sherry Fischer-Wiskin for the intervals!

Miner has 4 mines that you can play with. They increase in reward as you unlock them:

  • Miner’s Mine – comes with Miner at Level 12
  • Deeper Mine – Level 15
  • Scary-looking Mine – Level 18
  • Golden Mine – Level 21

There is no reason to choose any of the other mines once you’re at Level 21. So many more jewels in the Golden Mine!!
We’ll cover the Golden Pick in our Smurfberries Section (hint: well Worth The Berries (WTB)!!!)

Thanks to Bud Potter for the info on the levels above!

TIP 1: Tap in between rocks and you can break up to 4 rocks at a time!

TIP 2: The game’s sound slows down your hammering. Go to Menu > Options > turn the sound off to be able to break more rocks!
REBECCA’S ROCKIN TIPIf you have a rock with something valuable, repeatedly break that one when it reappears and it usually has something good if not the same.
THE MONTANA METHOD: If you’re not winning that much XP/coins, hit pause, exit the game and start over! The game will reset itself!!


Win XP and coins!!
(Much more on this when we talk about the Golden Pick!)


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  1. Yuppy Mom

    So what is the point of the coal? It doesn’t give gold or XP. And since some rocks are already empty I don’t see the point.

    • heclas

      Yeah, Yuppy, it’s a boobie prize like the empty rocks. You’re right there is no point. Beeline is making you work for you coins and XP!

  2. Selene

    Thanks for the 17+3+14 rock arrangement picture. I will try to arrange my rocks like that.

  3. Brittanafan

    Hey, I worked out an arrangement for the rocks around miner smurf that gives me 2115 XP (incl. regular bonus). 19 large rocks, 4 medium rocks and 17 small rocks (all mossy. Cheers!

    • Ant Lucas

      Hi Brittanafan,

      Can you please post as to how you managed that? Any help will be great. Thanks.

      • Little Blue Guy

        Would be nice if u posted that arrangement on this page!!! 😉

  4. Kyan

    After months of trying, finally I worked out an arrangement with total of 2140 xp (so far the best i ever see)

    It consists of 19 large, 5 medium and 16 small mossy rocks. If you want a screencap of it, you can send me an email.

    • Little Blue Guy

      Mail it to this site’s host, so he can post it here!!!

    • kds

      Hi Kyan, I would be very happy to get a screenshot of your 2140xp rocks next to Miner Smurf. (I am hoping you can see my e-address as I am replying to your post so I don’t have to make it visible on this site)

    • Dania

      @Kyan, would love a screen shot but can’t see your email addy…

    • Danielle

      @Kyan i dont see your email add. can jus upload a picture already y tell us if u never planned on showing anyone…someone give this guy the doggy bicuit he deserves

    • Marian Verdijk

      Very good what you did. I would love to have a screencap of the best rock arrangement. Thanks allready for it. Greatings Marian

    • Mary
  5. Hottie Smurf

    I managed to make an arrangement with total of 2145 xp (so far the best!)

    It consists of 19 large mossy, 6 medium mossy, and 11 small mossy rocks!!

  6. Ron

    Woohoo! I have managed to fit in 19 large moss, 7 medium moss, 7 small moss.

  7. Darlene

    @Kyan Can you please send me a screenshot of how you placed all of Miner Smurfs rocks around him. Thank you.

  8. Zin

    Hey – tried to max this one a while back but could only fit 18 large. Inspired by your optimization efforts, revisited my village and found a combo with 19 large, 7 medium and 8 small. Thanks!
    Tip for those trying to optimize – test out what happens when you put the larger rocks toward the outside of the pattern!


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