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Painter Smurf

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Cost: 30 SB

If you want to spruce up the colors in your village, Painter is the smurf for you!! Paint the roofs of houses, bridges, stools or, as you see in the above pic, benches, fences, gates, and tables!! Click on his house to:

1. Select a color to paint an object or use that red rag to bring the object back to its original color or
2. To play Painter Smurf’s game . . .

You initially just have turquoise, red and white. Each painting will give you a new color as follows:

Papa = pink
Gift box = yellow
Smurfette = green
Smurf hut = reddish-brown
Mushrooms = dark blue
Cake = lavendar
Lamp post = brown
Well = grey
Flowers = light blue

TIP: Don’t stay within the lines initially. Use one predominant color with the large brush (highlighted in lower left corner) to paint all that applies without regard for the other different-colored areas of the painting and then . . .

. . . start filling in the details with the smaller brush. You change colors by tapping the colors on the palette in the lower right corner.

Select the rag next to the paint brushes to erase any mistakes.


Easy paintings (Papa Smurf, Gift box, Smurfette) = play every 6 hours
Medium paintings (Smurf hut, Mushrooms, Cake) = play every 12 hours
Difficult paintings (Lamp post, Well, Flowers) = play every 24 hours

The 3rd painting of each difficulty level gives the most XP.

Smurfette = 25 XP = 100 XP per day
Cake = 45 XP = 90 XP per day
Flowers = 45 XP per day

Thanks to Benedicte Lundvall for this pic!!

Thanks: Arichenne Witman

Here are 3 houses that have been painted.

Note only the rooftops change colors. The base of the mushroom remains the same color.

If you click on the house, you can see it’s original color in the pop-up.


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  1. jean

    Once i colour the roof of a blue house to something else, i want to revert back to its original blue colour as the blue paint doesnt look nice. HOw to revert back to its original colour? 🙁

    • heclas

      See #1 under the first picture above, Jean

  2. Yiisan Chang

    Hiow can i have more colour. Im Level 31 now. Only 5 colour. tq Pls email to let me know tq

    • heclas

      Below the 2nd picture above, it tells you which paintings give you a certain color. Color the paintings for which you don’t have the color.

  3. damien

    What do you have to do to get painter an vanity smurf I’m level 24 an still says currently unavailable I have 100 berries an 40,000 coins but still won’t allow me to get them

    • Jennie

      Damien, are you playing on an Android? I just heard that neither Painter Smurf nor Vanity Smurf are available on Android yet. I have no idea why Beeline has made them available for other devices and not ours (I’m on a droid as well) or when the 2 characters will be released, but I think we just need to wait it out. Beeline has not announced when Painter and Vanity will be added for Androids, but hopefully it will be included with their next update. Again, this may just be hearsay, but its the only explanation I’ve come across thus far. Hope it helps alleviate any confusion. Please reply back if you’ve heard any other explanations. Thanks!

  4. Suze

    I know we can see the original colour of our houses if we click – but what I really want to be able to do is get back the red and white roof on each house. I’m gutted. I hate the way they look now! Can you help me revert them back permanently? Thanks, Suze

  5. Jennie

    I’m having the same problem as Damien … I’m on level 20, and am still unable to purchase Painter and Vanity smurf. When I open the build menu, the game states “currently not available” under each respective icon, and (when I click on each icon) “coming to a smurf village near you.” Does anyone know how to combat this issue? Thanks!


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