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Papa Smurf

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First is Papa Smurf!! He runs the show! He always has a quest for you. Once you finish one task he has another one ready for you. At the beginning of each level he usually has special tasks that include storyboards. You must complete the current pending task from the previous level to trigger the special task. Once you’re done with the special tasks, the rest of the tasks for that level are random but level-appropriate (e.g. you will only be asked to grow things available at that level).

TIP: If Papa or any other Smurf has an exclamation mark above their head then they have something to tell you.

TIP: You are not penalized for ignoring Papa’s quests but you may miss out on special characters/additions to your village if you give him the cold shoulder! You also are foregoing extra XP from completing his tasks.

TIP 1: When Papa does NOT specify how many crops to grow then just grow ONE of said crop to complete the quest.

TIP 2: If you are given the “Not Now” option, always tap “Ok” if you are asked to grow crops. Pressing “Not Now” may not complete your quest even if you’re done growing said crop.

Papa always has an exclamation mark over him. When it is not for a quest, he will tell you how much time you have left to complete your quest.

TIP: Don’t be tempted by the dark side to use your smurfberries. They are hard to come by and worth real money. Patience, my dear smurfs! If money is no object to you then spend away! Here are the ONLY legal ways to get smurfberries:

  • Buy them with real money from the Smurfberry (SB) menu.
  • Leveling up (Levels 1-10 = 1SB, 11-19 = 2SB, >20 = 3SB)
  • Jokey gifts them to you (1-3 SB); Rare
  • Capcom gifts them to you; Rare ( Valentine’s update: 5 SB!)

Papa’s Lab is ready for the potion mixing game at Level 3.

TIP: If Papa gives you a quest to make a potion, you can complete the quest in practice mode!

Papa’s Potion Mixing Game

You will either be asked to shake the flask until you reach a certain color or to maintain a color.

  • Red Potion (Level 3) – 30 XP max; lab open every 8 hours
  • Purple Potion (Level 4) – 50 XP max; lab open every 12 hours
  • Blue Potion (Level 5) – 100 XP max; lab open every 18 hours

TIP 1: Slide your finger in an oval shape instead of shaking your device.

TIP 2: Don’t watch for the color change in the bottle. Instead concentrate on getting the blue arrow under the red one as shown.


On level 23, once you have Alchemist Smurf, you can upgrade Papa’s hut (see pic above).

WARNING: Do not upgrade Papa’s hut until Alchemist Smurf gives you the quest to do so otherwise you won’t be able to complete the quest. This is a bug but Beeline has not publicly addressed it. You can use the Recover Village tip as a workaround.

The upgrade allows you to mix  3 new potions worth more XP. There is an added twist to the game though  . . .


With the new potions, you will also have to “Add” potions to create the desired color. When it asks you to add a color just drag the color shown next to the timer into the bottle. You will have 8 seconds to add the color with the Yellow potion, 5 seconds for the Green, and 4 seconds for the Orange potion.

  • Yellow Potion: 250 XP max; lab open every 24 hours
  • Green Potion: 400 XP max; lab open every 30 hours
  • Orange Potion: 600 XP max; lab open 36 hours

TIP: It’s really easy to miss the yellow “Add” signs since it flashes briefly across the screen. Look instead for the yellow arrow that points down into the flask instead.

Alchemist Smurf will also unlock the Magic Flask for 20 smurfberries. If you have difficulty completing the potion game then you may want to consider getting it. It makes the game ridiculously easy. It does not provide added XP/coins for mixing potions.



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  1. Michael

    Wat means by ” a room with no floor, no door , no wall , and no window “?

    • heclas

      Hi, Michael! Check out the Riddles and Quests section for the answer and more!

    • audrey


  2. mimi

    how can i upgrade papasmurf hut? i have got the instruction, but i still havent got any clue how to do it.
    if i pressed papasmurf hut it only invites me to play

    • heclas

      This is a bug Mimi that hopefully will be fixed with the next update. You should’ve seen a 500-coin upgrade menu when you tapped on his house. 🙁

  3. dave

    Am I the only one having a hard time figuring out what exact potion color I’m supposed to “Add” when told to do so? Any tricks here?

  4. Leslie fagan

    I am at level 33 and papa smurf is asking me to take a picture of the village. how do I do this?

  5. I can’t for the life of me pass even the BLUE potion-mixing game. I’ve tried the “moving my finger in an oval” per your suggestion and it got me farther than any other time.

  6. Sylvia

    Thanks for the information about the “add” sign in the mixing gamr


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