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Power Cycling Your Device

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If your game ever resets itself to level one, **STOP PLAYING!!!** If you continue playing you risk losing your village for good. Instead, hold the On/Off button down for a couple seconds until the red slider appears. Slide it over and shut down your device. Power it back on by pressing the same button for a few seconds, open Smurfs’, and your game should be right where you left it.

Note 1: If you play with Game Center (GC), your game is being backed up and you don’t risk losing your game.

Note 2: If you do not have GC and the above did not work, sync your game to iTunes and you will regain your village from whatever point you were at when you last synced to iTunes.

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  1. ninalatham

    hi, i did my smurf villiage update and now my game keeps crashing. if im lucky for it to open it only stays open for a few seconds.
    i’ve turned my ipod off and i’ve synced in on my itunes but still no joys… please help

  2. Rowena Lamar

    i am a huge fan of our LiL friends smurf..
    if possible someday someday we can see
    thier inside home. (“,) we’re like them we can see
    thier cutie home design..see thier LiL cute bed, bathroom,
    kitchen, etc..
    im really enjoying playing smurfy, smurfy, smurfy!

    • G-Daddy Smurf

      That would be cool. I will suggest that to Capcom.

  3. Tess

    I am no longer receiving bonus coins for my caterpillars and snails! When I press the star points show but are not added to my coin bank.. What is wrong? I have a lot of those insects….I’ve tried everything except reset the game. There is something wrong… Help

    • heclas

      Hi Tess!
      Do you play via GC? If so, try deleting the app and reinstalling it. If it starts you from level 1, sync your game to GC at the prompt and go through the story boards until it asks you to choose between the new vs your old village. Hope that helps!

      • heclas

        Tess, I just reread your comment and noticed that you said coins. Caterpillars and snails do not give coins, only XP. You will not notice a difference unless it is enough XP to move your percentage. Check out our graphs and you will see how much XP you need to move up 1% in each level.

  4. Jess

    HELP! my game keeps crashing – it won’t even get to the main screen b4 closing 🙁 I’ve synced, power cycled – the whole shebang – several times & nothing works! What do I do now??? 🙁

    • heclas

      Hi, Jess!
      The last update created a lot of crashes with the game. Beeline has said the next update should correct/improve these problems. Until then might I suggest one more option but only if you play via Game Center (GC): delete the app and re-download it. When you restart the game, it will ask you to sync to GC. You may have to go through the storyboards but eventually you will come to a menu asking you to choose between your new game (level 1) or your online game (your original village). Hope that works! Otherwise, you may have to wait until the next update. 🙂 🙁

  5. Dee Cool

    I am having the same problem as Jess. I play on an iPad and play via game center. Yesterday I noticed that it kept crashing during planting crops. Today I can’t get on at all. Have power cycled several times…no luck. I am afraid to delete the app and download again. I am on level 33. Are you sure I can get my game back if I delete the app and download it again?

    • heclas

      Dee, as long as you play on GC you will recover your village. Think of your village existing in a safe place in cyber world regardless of what happens on your device. When you delete the app, GC plucks your village from the cloud and puts it back on your device. Just sync back to GC at the prompt once you re-download SV and you may have to scroll through the opening storyboards with Gargy until you come to the menu where you have to choose between your new level 1 village or the one online. Trust me, I’ve done this several times! 🙂

      • Dee Cool

        Thank you, Hector! I trusted you and now have my village back! You are a “Smurf lifesaver”!

  6. Tracy

    Hi,love the site, I’m having the same trouble as above and have read heaps of discussions on this. My game at level 36 with over 200 smurfberries won’t open. It is attached to my sons game centre account, (his iPad I get to play on) , one of the discussions told me to sign out, delete game, add game, sign in and pick between games. Is this what you mean or can I delete safely signed in and continue from there, and no matter what if my game is safely connected to game centre, should i be able to find it eventually? Thanks.

    • heclas

      Yes, Tracy! Signing out of GC doesn’t matter. What matters is that when you redownload the game sync your game back to GC at the prompt.

      • Tracy

        You are officially my favorite person in the world, my game is back and so are all my friends. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. If I’d known it was going to be that easy I would have done it days ago.

        • heclas

          no problem, tracy!! so happy for you!! 😀

  7. Puddin

    You’re the only one that can help me, G-Daddy. I have an iPhone 3G that will not support Game Center. This a.m. I did a sync to iTunes before I did the update. As soon as I opened the game I was reset back to level 1. I shut it down, power-cycled like you suggested and still nothing. Anything else I can try, other than shedding a few tears and starting over?

    • heclas

      Hi, Puddin! If you play on GC then delete the app and reinstall it. You’ll have to go through the opening storyboards until you get a screen from GC asking you to pick between the village on your device or the one online. Hope it works!

  8. Erika

    Hi hec,
    can i re-install my smurfs if i dont have Gamecenter?
    im using itouch 2gen (i think).
    can you adjust the time zone of day/night mode?

  9. Erika

    Hi Heclas,
    can i reinstall my smurfs village then go back to my current level ( 30) if i dont have Gamecenter?  thanks

    • heclas

      Hi, Erika! If you dont have gc then i wouldnt recommend deleting the app. There is another option but i personally have never tried it: sync your device to iTunes which should back up your game. I have never tried this and you may want to ask Beeline before trying this. Good luck, Erika! 🙂

  10. Chasity

    Hi, recently I have noticed that when I go to gift my friends I no longer have the new gift options. Like the new orange potions and such. Any suggestions?

    • heclas

      Beeline took the new potions away due to what they called “balance issues with the game”. DOn’t know what that means but they did say they will introduce new gifts soon.

  11. Chasity

    Oh sorry, btw I am using iPad.

  12. Rick Cowey

    Followed the directions given to delete the game and reinstal it.

    Went into new game it didnt ask to pick local or GC game and set back to level 1.

    GC also reset to level one so now lost all my 23 levels and smurfberries.

    What now, ask Behive for a refund as it is a faulty app that caused this.


  13. I did the last update and from then,the reporter smurf always say that my clock device is incorrect and that I am not connected to the Internet.. Also at the island my smurfs don’t work if I am not watching them.. Please help me.. Thanks


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