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More Smurfy Pics n’ Tips

[See all entries in Hector’s Ultimate Pics and Tricks for Smurf Village Friends]

There is way more to learn about the game than you might think. In this post we have put together some of the best tips in all of Smurf land!

Main Menu
Recover Village
Visiting Neighbors
Banishing Neighbors
Gifting Neighbors
Character Limit
Move Modes
Bridges and Stairs
Max Level


Main Menu

Two things about the Main Menu:

1. Great info and a lot of answers under the Help tab. Check it out!!
2. The Options button is very important to the social aspects of this game. Let’s click on it and see . . .

The “Manage Friends” button is poorly named. (It should’ve been called the Network or the Social button because it does more than just manage your friends!) Let’s click on it . . .

TIP: Turning the game’s Sound off (not the Notifications) can help with game play. If you create repetitive audio from the game (ex: tapping on Smurfs to bunch them up for Smurfette or breaking rocks in Miner’s game), the video may not keep up, slowing the game down.

This is what you’ll see if your game IS NOT connected to Facebook.

Your friends will still be able to see your village (if you’ve been logged on in the past) but the game will appear as it did when you were logged off. Therefore, crops/flowers may look wilted to your neighbors or changes you’ve made to your village will not be seen until you log back on.

Log-in with your FB info.

TIP: If you change your FB password, you will have to return to this menu, log off, and log back on with your new FB password.

If your name shows up, your village is not only connected to FB but any of your FB friends that also play Smurfs’ Village AND who also have THEIR game connected to FB will show up as your neighbors (more on neighbors in a bit).


** Rhea’s Rockin’ Recovery TIP **

The game does back itself up daily but the “Recover Village” button may not show in the lower right corner. If you do not see it then do the following: tap on Papa’s Smurf’s face 16 times. *poof* The “Recover Village” button should appear!! Let’s tap on the button . . .

You can now select from which date you want to recover and even preview each date.

Note: If you delete the game from your device, you also delete the past recovered villages.

TIP: Game Center (covered in the next section) backs up your village at near real time so it is still the method of choice for backing up your village although this one does it passively (i.e. you don’t have to do anything for it to back-up; it’s built into the game).


Visiting Neighbors

Ok, so let’s visit out neighbors!! Click on the blue mushroom house with the “X” and the arrow in the lower left corner . . .

You should be able to see your friends. Usually, your FB neighbors will appear first and then your GC neighbors.

Note: There are TWO ways to add neighbors to your village:

1. Through FB (see previous slides) or
2. Game Center (next section of slides)

Note 2: If you cannot see your neighbors it is likely because of any of the following reasons:

  • You are not logged into FB (see Main Menu section above)
  • Your GC neighbor hasn’t accepted you yet
  • You have a poor internet connection (this affects GC more than FB)
  • The GC server is down or they’re doing maintenance on it (this is common so just be patient)


Banishing Neighbors

The red circles with the slash in the upper right corner of every banner can be clicked to banish people from your neighborhood. It’s a good function if a neighbor’s village keeps crashing your game (see the next slide for more)

Note: The pattern of neighbors along this roadway repeats itself. The topmost village (Heckle Smurf) will sometimes not open until you scroll the screen left or right. The sweet spot is usually the bottom right of the banner.

Once you banish someone you can see them under Manage Friends (FINALLY, the name of the tab makes sense!!). You can unbanish them by tapping the red slashed circle next to their name.

Note: Banishing someone DOES NOT delete them as your friend from GC or FB. They can still see and gift your village.


Gifting Neighbors

The number of smurfs and critters in front of the village represents the exact number inside the village.

Let’s click on GDaddySMurf’s village . . .

G-Daddy Smurf, creator of Smurf Village Friends and this website, deserves a gift. Click on the present in the lower right hand corner.

Note 1: You can only gift the same person every 24 hours.

Note 2: If you have 2 villages and you’re gifting both with the same device and you have the same neighbor in both villages, you will only be able to gift them once (creating another village is covered in the Game Center section) . To gift them from the 2nd village you have to do so from another device (switching devices will also be covered soon)

Select the gift you want to give

TIP: The flower pots will give your neighbor the most XP (400) and Coins (100) but regardless, your neighbor’s heart will skip a beat at the site of any smurfy present!

Note 2: Gifting seeds does not provide any XP or coins to the recipient and is ONLY of value if they’re missing that seed. Please, read the Flowers section to understand seed gifting better.

Note 3: Seasonal items may be added to the gifting menu for limited times.

Drop the gift anywhere in their village.

Note 1: Gifts placed by other friends of your neighbor are not visible right away. If several gifts are placed in the same spot, your friend may not benefit from that gift’s XP and coins. Therefore, it is a good idea to place your gift in less obvious places to avoid this problem instead of where it defaults to when you choose a gift.

Note 2: Errors can occur with gifting. Here are the most common:

  • You can’t open your neighbor’s village, place a gift or water flowers due to a poor internet connection, a bug in the game, or the Game Center server is down.
  • You can’t gift due to the game thinking you’ve gifted in the past 24 hours even though you haven’t (another bug)
  • Your gift or watering is not delivered to the recipient (yet another bug)

As the recipient, you do not have to open gifts right away. There is no expiration with non-seasonal gifts.

Note 1: Errors also occur with receiving gifts. Here are the most common:

  • Multiple gifts open automatically when you open the game and you only receive XP/coins from the last one (due to gifts being placed in the same spot)
  • You do not receive a gift or watered flower (due to bugs in the game or internet/server issues)
  • You open a gift and instead of your neighbor’s name it says its from “Someone” or it’s blank (guess what? another bug!)

Note 2: Seasonal gifts may disappear once you update the game so you may want to collect before you update (the Easter eggs with the Easter update did not disappear).


Character Limit

You can only have 250 total mobile characters. This includes the sum of smurfs, snails, and caterpillars. Special smurfs such as grouchy or brainy do not count towards this total.

Thanks James for the info and the pics!!


Move Modes

TIP: When you’re in Move Mode, objects that you don’t want to move can get in the way and so you accidentally select them. To avoid this:

1) If you’re working at the top of your village or are not zoomed in, scroll from one side of the village to another by sliding your finger across the trees at the top or
2) Select a house while you scroll from one place to the other. Since houses cannot be deleted you can drop the house somewhere where it cannot be placed and press the delete button. The house will then return to where it was before. Otherwise . . . .

If you choose an object that can be deleted, you will have to go through this extra step every time. With the non-deletable items such as the special characters (Papa, Greedy, etc) or any other house, you skip this extra step. It’s a small time saver that adds up when you’re moving multiple things!!

TIP: You do not need to delete roads. You do not know when you’re going to rearrange your village or when the village will be expanded so that you need them again. Place them on top of each other and/or hide them.

TIP: Use the Move Roads Only Mode by first going to the Move Mode and then touching the blue house with the check mark on the bottom left corner. The Move Roads Only Mode allows you to find your hidden roads or move them without having to worry about moving anything else.You will see the grey house with the slashed circle in the lower left corner (as above) when you’re in the Move Roads Only Mode.

Tada!! The roads from the previous slide are hidden beneath the rocks!

Here we are in Move Mode. Tap the blue house with the check mark in the lower left corner to activate Move Roads Only Mode and . . . . (next slide)

Look what we found!! A hidden road beneath the tree!!


Bridges and Stairs

The small wooden bridge that Papa requests you to build at Level 5 CANNOT be moved or deleted.

TIP: You can build one of the stone bridges next to it and hide it if you don’t like the look.

At Level 22 you can build stairs to access the cliff region on the east side of the village. You CANNOT delete any stairs once you’ve placed them.

TIP 1: It can be difficult to find the sweet spot to move the stairs around. If you look at the picture above, you’ll notice that when you’re in Move Mode, the 2 red lines perpendicular to the line that goes through the stairs. These lines aren’t present until you select the stairs. DO NOT aim for the stairs or the line that runs through it. Aim for the perpendicular lines. The one at the top of the stairs will be easier to find since it’s so close to the stairs.

TIP 2: Some items next to the stairs may become stuck and unable to move. It is a good idea to leave one open spot for stairs for such an instance. This way if an item is stuck next to a set of stairs, you can move the stairs over temporarily while you move the item.

This slide is to illustrate two points:

1. When you go to move an item, it may light up red even though you haven’t moved it yet. If you decide to not move the object and keep it in its original place just press the red delete button and then tap “No” when it asks you if you’re sure you want to delete the item. It will return to its original spot.

2. Although the picture of the stone bridge is larger, if you look at the I-shaped area that shows where the item occupies, it is the same for both bridges. Theoretically you should be able to delete a wooden bridge and put a stone bridge in the same location (as I was able to above). However, there seem to be bugs because the stone bridge “picture” is larger. Make sure you move any item that may be in the way. If you still can’t then say hello to one of the game’s unsmurfy bugs. 🙁


Max Level

When you reach the last level of the game, it will read “Max” after your current level instead of the percent needed to complete the level. The bar under the level will stay blank.

TIP 1: The XP will still accumulate even though there is no percentage and the XP bar stays blank. This XP will carry over until the next time Beeline adds a level. So go ahead and continue playing for XP or you can accumulate plenty of coins in the meanwhile or . . . .

TIP 2: . . . instead of playing solely for XP and coins, you’ll have more fun decorating your village. At Smurf Village Friends there’s always a decorating contest going on with prizes such as Smurfberries! For more information on events you can check out our Events page!


As Beeline adds more content and more tips become available, we will post them to this chapter. If you have any more tips or tricks, feel free to contact me.

See you around the village…

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  1. Tracy

    I have 6 friends on facebook that are not showing up a friends in my village. All the others are there without a problem. Tracking back these may be people I’ve added since the last update. Has something happened in the last update that we cannot add people or is it just me. Any thoughts?. (I have tried logging in and out of facebook under the options menu several times.)

    • heclas

      It seems like there have been issues since the update with neighbors being banished. The problem doesn’t end there. When you go to “Manage Friends” to unbanish them, it has been kicking people out of the game. If you are able to get in, the red circle with the slash does not show up beside the banished person’s name. It is there though but invisible before your neighbor’s name. If you’re lucky enough, Tracy, click where the red circle slash should be. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Ariel

    I musty got the update with beeline a few days ago and now I can’t open the game ! If I wait long enough on the beeline page that first presents itself before getting to the play game page, it says it cant connect to the game centre. What does this mean!? I have checked to make sure I am connected to wifi as well and I am using an iPad 2

  3. Brenda

    Need a solution to the alchemist problem, I upgraded papa smurf’s house before I was asked.

  4. Thania

    Hi, i upgraded papa smurf’s hut before i was asked. Now the alchemist is asking for it. I tried to do recover village, but it didnt work. I tapped papa smurf’s face 16 or more, the recover button does not appear. Which papa smurf’s face were you referring to? The one in the game or on the menu page?
    I really appreciate your help. Thank you,

  5. Thania

    I finally found the recover village button, but i couldnt find the file where papa smurf’s hut hasn’t been upgraded 🙁
    How to retrieve the earlier files?

    • heclas

      Hi, Thania! The recover village trick only goes back so many days. The only advice I have is to wait for the next update. This complaint has been voiced numerous times and usually beeline is pretty good about fixing problems with quests. Sorry, I don’t have a better answer. 🙁

  6. Kate

    At what point in level 23 does alchemist tell you to upgrade papa smurf hut … I am 35% in and nothing yet … Thanks smurfies…

    • heclas

      It’s actually a quest from Alchemist not Papa. Not sure at what point, Kate, I was at level 39 when they put this in the game. Sorry. 🙁

  7. Kate

    Oh and one more smurf-enquiry … How do you get the thanksgiving pack … We bought the wagon that gives you autumn bush and golden corn but can not find thanksgiving pack … Thanks for assistance

    • heclas

      It was a limited time only thing with a Thanksgiving statue during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season last year. They’ll probably do it again this year I would think.

  8. Yiisan Chang

    Can help me I lost my Level 27 Smurf Village farm. And I email them and there no reply me back. And all my Berries that i bought are gone. And now i need to start all over again without Berries that i bought. Pls Help. tq

    • heclas

      How did you lose it and have you tried power cycling your device, Yiisan?

  9. Katy

    Thank you SO much for this!! My village just reset itself to level one and I was pretty (irrationally) gutted as I’d been playing it since April! I’ve just restored it by following your instructions 🙂

    • heclas

      Glad it helped, Katy! 😉

  10. GreedySmurf

    Hi! Is there anyone who knows how to get free smurfberry? 🙂

    • heclas

      Sorry, no cheats here but try googling it. Not hard to find

  11. camille

    Just wondering if it was even possible for Android users to add friends??? Thanks!!!

  12. Sara

    Hi there,
    Have a Problem at Level 22 ;cannot See the Cliff on the right side of the Village -so also does Not work to Place the Stars requested:
    What should i do???help-i don’t want to Start all over again!

  13. Joanna

    Hi. Help pls. I deleted the wooden bridge to the. Left but I can’t place the new stone bridge. It turns green when I position the stone bridge where the wooden bridge used to be, but when I click the button, it says “cannot delete”. Now the bridge is at the far bottom. Help me pls.


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