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Tailor Smurf

30 Smurfberries

Tailor Smurf allows you to place hats on your smurfs.

Tapping on Tailor’s house will bring up Tailor’s Shop with a variety of hats and even a pair of sunglasses!

TIP: If you’re going to buy several hats for your smurfs, do so all at once instead of going back and forth between the smurfs and this menu. Everything you buy will be saved in the inventory menu

To access the inventory menu, tap on the hammer in the bottom right corner of your village and you will come to the above menu. See the spool next to the camera icon at the top? Tap on the spool . . .

Your village will now look like it’s in the Move Roads Only Mode. You can place hats by tapping any non-working smurf (i.e. any smurf not busy farming or gardening). The inventory menu will appear. You can place any hat that you have purchased. Once a smurf has a hat on, you can also tap on them (again, if they aren’t working) and remove their hat.


You can see several Smurfs with hats from Tailor in the above pic!

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  1. Sacredcow79

    Also BEWARE your smurfs will lose their hats if you send them on quests! So if you have expensive ones remove them before you send. Hopefully beeline knows about this too and will fix it!

    • heclas

      Thanks, Sacred!!!!
      Will add this info! 😀

  2. lammah

    I was disappointed when i got the magic hat, i was wrongly expecting to have it give xp at regular intervals. And for the price i think it should 🙂
    I am glad i found this page so i would not have to find all the details by myself !!! Great job

    • heclas

      Glad you found us lammah! You’re right, some of those hats are super expensive!

  3. How much does those hats cost?

    • heclas

      There are 15 hats that range from 100 – 50,000 coins!


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